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Manifold Tutorial To Beat The Game In No Time

Manifold tutorial to beat the game in no time.

Longing for a Manifold tutorial? After seven years of development, Manifold Garden indeed brings challenges that push your brain to the breaking point. But, interestingly enough, there’s an urge inside of you telling your brain to keep searching for answers on how to solve the puzzles. If that’s what happened, you are in the right place because what I’m about to give you can help you finish the game.

Just a forewarning, there are going to be spoilers in this Manifold tutorial. So, proceed only as necessary. Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into the tutorial!

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Garden achievements in the game

There are 24 Manifold Garden achievements and the estimated time to complete those achievements is 8-10 hours. The duration is about the same as the hub gravity rush, which is about 10 hours.

What happens in the empty room

To start your journey in a meta-universe manifold of Manifold Garden, you will face an empty room with a blue floor. There is nothing in it but a staircase that leads to a wall. Walk towards it and use a gravity shift on the wall. Keep walking straight and use the gravity shift again until you find your first Door Switch.

Watch Keith Ballard's video walkthrough about the empty room episode

Door switch is the key

Press the Door Switch to open the door and follow the hallway until you find a large room with a Green Door Switch above you. Use that to open the door that will lead you to another room with a Red Cube stuck onto the right wall. Shift into the Red Gravity to pick up the cube and place it onto the Red Cube Switch to open the door. There is a Yellow Cube; pick it up and walk through the opened door to put a Yellow Cube onto the Yellow Cube Switch.

Doors will be opened for you

Another door will be open for you, follow the hallway and pretty much do the same as putting a cube onto the right switch or press a Door Switch. After you open the door in the area with two Red and Blue cubes switches, you will enter a room with a Blue Cube Switch on a green floor. You need to place the Green Cube on the blue line in front of the blue square so that it acts as a support for the Blue Cube. After that, you can now place the Blue Cube onto the Blue Cube Switch.

The popular YouTuber and Gamer, Keith, explains everything about the opened doors in the Manifold Garden!

Blue cubes

In the next area, you will find a room with two blue cubes stuck on a tree. Pick one and put it on the Blue Receiver to open the door to the outside balcony. Grab the other blue cube and walk onto the balcony and look for another blue receiver on the blue tower across the gap. Leap off while holding the blue cube and move forward while falling through the air until you land on the tower balcony below. After that, put the blue cube onto the blue receiver like usual, and there you go, you now know to beat this meta-universe manifold of Manifold Garden. Don’t forget to be intelligent and dodgy about it!

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