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OwlCat Games Review in 2021

Owlcat games review in 2021.

Owlcat Games is run by a team of creative developers passionate about creating games that give players the ultimate freedom of choice. Having choices in the events that happen is one of the main reasons people love playing video games. If we wanted to watch a story be told to us with no influence on the narrative, we would watch a movie. But gamers love to be involved in telling the story, which is why Owlcat Games is so passionate about giving users that ultimate choice.

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Bringing back the best of RPG

The Owlcat Games company is all about bringing back recognition to the RPG genre of gaming. They want to tell engaging stories and level the RPG genre up with modern standards. As gaming becomes so advanced, Owlcat Games intends to advance with them. At the same time, Owlcat Games still wants to pay tribute to where gaming has come from. They do this by not forgetting their roots and proving that old values still matter, even as graphics and gameplay become more and more advanced.

OwlCat Games – More than RPG

However, Owlcat Games reviews leave something desired, as bugs seem to make gameplay difficult. Still, people love to play the games and continue to support Owlcat Games as they work to fix the issues. As one reviewer says, “Despite the bugs and crashes, this is a great game.”

Games Developed by Owlcat

Pathfinder: Kingmaker was the first game developed by Owlcat games, where players can explore the stolen lands of Golarion and conquer missions with a ragtag crew of gritty avatars. You can battle monsters like giant spiders and write the story the way you want to. You work to build your reign and conquer the challenges set before you.

Kingmaker places a big emphasis on realm-building. Your character must make decisions like a local lord that affect the rest of the game. You are amidst a world of complicated political tensions and wild adventures. You have complete choice over how your character looks and what your character does.

Below you see the main characters of the both games. Left side - Wrath of the Righteous Right side - Kingmaker

Lann, Camellia and Seelah companions in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.
Ekundayo and Valerie in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Sequel from Owlcat Games

After developing Kingmaker, Owlcat Games released a sequel game called Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. In this game, you must battle against an evil empire of demon lords who have invaded the world of Golarion. They have crushed all that was once in place there, and now the world is overrun with demons. As a new hero, the fate of the world is in your hands. You must advance through a series of paths and challenges to defeat the demons.

About the Company

You can contact Owlcat Games by emailing them a [email protected]. Let them know what you think of their games, or ask them any questions they may have. They are always looking for ways to interact with their fans and respond to suggestions to improve their games. Their offices are located in Lakatamia, Cyprus, off the southern coast of Turkey.

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