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Papalymo FFBE Review

Papalymo Totolymo in Final Fantasy.

The Papalymo FFBE character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a powerful must-have if you don’t have him already. Character is a powerful magic user who quickly casts two spells in succession, allowing the player a tremendous tactical advantage against opponents in one turn. He has no innate weaknesses and resistances, which is quite handy as players won’t be surprised if significant drains or a sudden death come from an elemental or physical attack.

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Papalymo as a crossover Unit

The FFBE Papalymo character hails from Final Fantasy XIV for those not familiar with the game. Along with other Final Fantasy characters from previous games, he is a crossover unit. Papalymo is a small Lalafell man from the faraway land of Hydaelyn with fair skin, short blonde hair and pointed ears. He is one of the Scions of the organization Seventh Dawn. The character is an impeccable and brilliant character always seen travelling with his fellow scion Yda. He is also an excellent starting character for other FF games, and many new players of FFXIV trust Papalymo to get them through the early stages.

3D model of Papalymo from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Classes of Spells in Papalymo FFBE

In FFBE, the character’s arsenal includes different things. These includes: 3 Blizzard spells, 3 fire spells, 2 thunders, sleep and flare. Spells  coupled with his SwiftCast move can deal plenty of damage to opponents. Papalymo FFBE also has a powerful skill called Convert. This skills ups his MP to 9999 but drops his HP to one. Be very careful when using that feature. He’s not great with equipment, so it’s better to leave him as a magic-user. 

Watch Papalymo's character growth in Final Fantasy XIV

Defensive skills at the highest level

Again, speaking of damage, he is also an excellent defensive character. The user lacks innate weaknesses to elements and status attacks. So, damage from such attacks would be average. FFBE Papalymo can cast Manawall, which mitigates 20% of damage from spells and can cast Apocatastasis. That increases the SPR of allies for three turns. His limit burst is Enochian Thunder which can deal from 4x up to 7.4x magic damage to opponents.

As for the character design, he looks somewhat average compared to Vivi from FFIX or Red Mage, but he does look badass with his giant Golden Eye staff, which complements his powerful magic.

Papalymo Totolymo.

Papalymo as the best character?

Papalymo FFBE is a great character to get in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius thanks to his Swift cast and Convert moves combined with his arsenal of magic. He may not have resistances to status and elemental attacks, but he has no innate weaknesses to them either. He is an excellent defensive character thanks to those and cast a Manawall on himself, which compensates for resistance. His ability to release an SPR increase to the party also increases the level of damage the party can inflict in just one turn. That is if he is used properly. Please do not rely on him too much and balance his abilities with other party members who can heal him if he is attacked. As a free character, he is excellent for beginners and maybe in the middle parts of the game until you get more powerful mage characters like Exdeath

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