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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Characters

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has many memorable characters that you can use to build your realm and defeat the challenges before you. In the game, the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous characters are called Companions—and their name fits their role. The Companions assist you by joining your party and helping with different missions and challenges throughout the game.

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Each Companion has its unique characteristics and in-depth backstories that you can learn and use to your advantage. They are from various races and classes, making your team uniquely diverse, with everyone contributing different skills to the game plan. The Companions also have their unique quests, which can lead to valuable outcomes and rewards. When you have Wrath of the Righteous Companions in your party, they will react to your actions and dialogue and work together with you as a team to achieve your goals.

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A half-elf, Camellia is a Companion whose strongest traits are dexterity and wisdom. She is of the Shaman and Spirit Hunter classes and provides both youth and talent to your team in the game. She may look sweet, but she can fight demons and cultists like no other. She won’t be a super talkative or social Companion—she likes to keep her distance and focus on accomplishing what needs to get done.


Seelah has a dark past, but she doesn’t let it affect her. A human of the Paladin class, she is tough but still compassionate and kind. Her past includes a history of being a thief and a street urchin. But now, she’s turned her life around and fights for goodness alongside your band of Companions. Strength and charisma are her top qualities, and she sure is charismatic. She has a thirst for justice, most likely stemming from her history associating with criminals.


In Pathfinder, Lann is a Companion who is known for his curiosity. Lann is known for his strength, dexterity, and wisdom, providing lots of balance as a Companion to the team. He is of the Mongrelman race, and half of his body is green, with the other half sprouting a single horn on top of his head. He is also of the Monk and Zen Archer classes. He will provide a helpful mix of qualities to any team.


In Pathfinder, Ember is an Elf of the Witch and Stigmatized Witch classes. Her dark eyes and the crow that follows her around give her an intimidating aura, but she is accommodating on the variety of quests and challenges throughout Pathfinder. Charisma and talent are the most known strengths, and she can curse any foe who steps in her path.


Arueshalae is a succubus with thick armour to protect her on her quests. She starts in Pathfinder as a Ranger class before changing to an Espionage Expert. She is off the charts in dexterity and can help you with any question or challenge that stands in your way.



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