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Power Rangers: All-Stars – A beginner’s guide to the game

Power rangers.

Power Rangers is one of the most popular franchises among kids that has been offering several video games in the past years. Power Rangers All-stars is another famous video game which is a 3-D isometric RPG game. Nexon is the developer who introduced this game which made it a big hit for mobile users.

The game begins with a story mode and the player is guided with a tutorial given by Colonel Truman and Doctor K. Then the player can earn 5 different RPM rangers in black, red, green, yellow and blue and an ability to unlock further rangers from different seasons.

It’s your time, Rangers! Download now for Android and iOS.


Power rangers All-stars is a type of mobile RPG in which you create your customized team of rangers who are able to kill the evil monsters. Their main aim is to save the scientist named Professor Q who is trapped in the eternal world of nighttime.


This game has arenas occupied with enemies, power moves and control methods similar to the original game and also strategic, real-time combat. It is quite challenging and is extremely fun for players to enjoy this game.


The game mechanism is quite prominent which allows you to customize ranger’s squad in order to create your dream team. This fun-filled game has heroes ranging from Power Rangers Dino charge to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Players can make use of in-game currencies which include crystals and coins to upgrade their favorite rangers in the game.

Teams within the game include Power Rangers Wild Force, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers S.P.D., Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers Samurai Power Rangers Mystic Force Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Mega Force. Other than these in future updates, further teams would be included such as Power Rangers Dino charge and Power Rangers Super Mega force.


You can plan the missions in the 3D aspect and identify the secrets. You will have mechs or megazords except for the rangers which you can dispose to pilot that also helps in fighting the massive monsters in the game. You can select the customized team of rangers to fight training matches 5-on-5 within Dimensional Arena. The game offers two modes i.e. Dimensional exploration and Daily missions where you can utilize the customized ranger’s team. It also gives multiplayer mode where you build alliances with friends and complete raids with these alliances. This game offers plenty of rewards to the players, so you will definitely win even if you are just lazy.


  • It has a unique story. It is a perfect combo of real-time and turn-based combat. Rangers in this game are free to walk and start attacking the monsters in real-time. 
  • It allows the players to shift between manual and autoplay as you might face some difficult encounters which need careful manual attention
  • There are around 50+ rangers which you can unlock.
  • The game is free-to-play with every mission narrated with perfect dialogues and in-depth storyр


The major disadvantage which you might face with this game is that for unlocking different and updated rangers, you need microtransaction which is RNG heavy. Some rangers are offered for free after completing the story missions while for others you need hefty microtransactions, luck along with plenty of time.


The story gameplay of Power rangers All-stars is amazing, so you will definitely love it even if you are not a super fan of such games. It offers amazing features to the players and more updated features will be offered in the future upgrade.

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