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Realm of Sarkoris – embody the warrior and free the city

Have you ever been to a city where the realm is not vital? Well, the central town of humankind – Sarkoris is destroyed. Now the demons and all types of black powers can access the reality of Sarkis. People of the city are not in safe hands anymore. Reality is in the hands of the team & fighters that are called your companions. 

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Who destroyed the realm of the Sarkoris?

The spiritual curtains of the city, Sarkoris, were destroyed by the most powerful magician in the world. Ariel Vorlesh is a scholar and practitioner. He went to the point where the turn-back is a big ‘NO’. That’s why the scholar decided to use black magic and destroy the realm of the Sarkis. This case becomes more interesting when the hordes of the demons dominate the city. Residents of the Sarkoris are afraid, and they need help. 

The Realm of the Sarkoris is something that you should focus on during the game!

Everything about the Sarkoris

The central region of barrows is mainly known for the formidable and powerful demons. Every magician and scholar knows that the realm of the Sarkoris was not tight. The curtains and the walls between the hordes of the monsters (spiritual side) and real life were not strong enough. The scholar Areelu Vorlesh dominated the city and led the hordes of demons to put people in danger. The city was founded a few centuries ago, and everyone respected all its kings and emperors. Markarian religion is the heart of the city. Sarkoris is well-known not only for scholars and black magicians but also the emperors, fighters and gladiators. The city was full of influential and mighty warriors; that’s why no one could destroy it for centuries.

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Mystic city Sarkoris under your hands

Everything is in your hands. You are ready to dominate the city, but there is only one path. As mentioned above, the town was known for white magic, too, so people were compelling against demons and black scholars. You’ll be able to choose warriors at any point of the game. Choose paths between demons and angels, Superheroes or Tricksters, and many more. You can embody any character that Owlcat Games offer the player. Choose a companion and live life with their eyes. Please go through the story of the character and improve their future. Each character is unique and ready to fight against the hordes of demons. Any character as a hero will be different, and you can go through different paths in the realms of the Sarkoris.



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