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Spider solitaire game

Splash screen of Spider Solitaire.

Spider solitaire game is one of the best known classical game, it has many names like Klondike Solitaire. Solitaire depends on patience, challenge, and passion. The solitaire game pushes you to use your mind intelligently so you can make a big result if you win in each level cause there many different levels depending on difficulty, easy, medium, hard. But you will start with the easiest one. Monster card games are suitable for both boys and girls.

To play the game, try to arrange all 8 suite of cards, you’ll win. You can set level by selecting Menu, then Level and choose the number of suits.

You can choose more than one card to move by touching and move your finger up.

Tips and tricks on How to Win Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is a fun, and very well-known solitaire game that requires patience and careful planning.

Spider solitaire game2

Here are the strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Make Empty Columns

Empty column is the first thing you must aim for in the game. Empty columns can be used to temporarily store cards, which allows you to move more cards around the playing area. After that, you should  get another vacant column. When you have 2 vacant columns, then the chances of winning are much higher, but if you can, try and form yet another empty column.

Once you get to 3 or 4 empty columns, you have a very high chance of success, unless you get an extremely unlucky run of cards.

  1. Cleaning Up in Spider Solitaire

The first objective for the second phase of the spider solitaire is ‘cleanup.’ This is my term for re-arranging columns so that they become same-suit sequences.

For example, suppose you are at the following stage:

Notice the Jack of Hearts on the Queen of Clubs, and the Jack, 10, and 9 of Clubs on the Queen of Hearts. This is a perfect position to re-arrange the cards to form better same suit sequences, by using the empty column temporarily.

Move the Jack of Clubs to the empty column

Move the Jack of Hearts across and move the Jack of Clubs back again, to form 2 same suite sequences.

The important thing to note here is that after we have finished cleaning up this sequence, the empty column is still vacant. This is a critical point. Whenever you can, you always want to keep as many columns empty as you can.

  1. Re-arranging in Spider Solitaire

After you have cleaned up any card sequences you can find, the next thing to do is to re-arrange any columns that you can. This is only moving any sequences you can, to form longer sequences.

If moving the sequence will expose a new card (or a card that isn’t part of the sequence), then you should always move it. The rest of the time it is a judgment call, based on whether the new sequence will be the same suit, as well as what other cards are holding up the game at the moment.

Again, an overriding principal at this time is to try and preserve the empty columns. Vacant columns give you a lot more choices in the game, and whenever possible, you only want to fill your empty columns temporarily.

  1. Exposing cards in Spider Solitaire

The last thing you should do in spider solitaire is to try and expose new cards, while trying to maintain any empty columns.

You do this by using multi-level undo:

  • Move a card/sequence into the empty column, which exposes a new card.
  • If the new card allows us to move the original sequence back, do so.

If the new exposed card doesn’t allow us to move it back, then undo, and try moving a different card/sequence instead. If you cannot expose any new cards whilst keeping the vacant column, then try dealing some cards from the talon. Of course, after dealing cards from the talon, none of your columns will be empty, so the first thing to do is get them empty again if possible.

Eventually, you will form a full same-suit sequence from King to Ace in the playing area. This sequence is ready to move up to a Foundation Stack.

Just remember, the most important thing in spider solitaire is to create empty columns, and try and keep them empty unless you have a very good reason not to.

Spider solitaire game1

Pros And Cons


  • Cool fireworks at the end if you win.
  • No limits, and relaxing.


  • Hurtful difficulty.
  • Pointless.

The game is appropriate for all android devices, smartphone, tablet or any other device with android OS. So get your spider solitaire card game for free.

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