One of the most basic games in the history of gaming has been the ones involving building blocks. These games had simple gameplay and graphic interface which tested the intelligence and patience of the players. One such modern era game is “Stack”. The simple task in this game is to beat the previous score by making the tallest tower with basic building blocks.


It is a very simple game but difficult to master as the building height increases. Your goal is to build the tower as high as possible. The block swings on the top of the screen and you tap the screen to make it fit on the previous block. The size of the block keeps getting smaller in size as the height of the building increases. The idea is to stack the block neatly so the building is stable. The block will fall if not stacked properly, giving you problems as the game progresses. If you stack a number of blocks perfectly, the area increases and so does your chances to place more blocks and beat your previous high score.

Tips & Tricks

Get into a rhythm when you are placing the blocks to make a stack. Your instincts will tell you to hurry up but avid haste to make a better base for the next blocks to be placed. There is no time limit to the placing of the block so take all the time you want. Don’t get discouraged with the building not being visible as you may be well across your last high score. Enjoy the rhythm in building and the aesthetics that come along when you build a high rise with small blocks.



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