Taps of Riches


This is essentially a business empire simulation. In Taps of Riches you will be developing your own entity and buy a new one. This way you will earn money and extent your empire one step at a time. You are required to hire advisor and bizbots to succeed; they actually increase the value of your property and businesses.

You start from the bottom in this game, but if you invest in, you will be striving at no time because the game is not complicated at all, it is probably easier than most similar tiles that would have had in the past. As you grow, you can buy properties in the new cities and thus, you will get a variety of bonuses that will help you grow faster.


Here are some tips, tricks and strategy guide to the taps of riches:

  1. Work on getting the easiest milestone first

The milestone of the building unlock for every 25 levels / updates that you buy. Each milestone you reached increases the speed at which you collect the profit, to be double or increase profits in ton. The best option is to buy the cheapest options first and work your way up as you get more money for improvements.

  1. Add friends on Facebook.

You can add friends to the game by signing up to Facebook. This will increase the number of keys you have and, in return, increase the number of crate that can be opened. So make sure to connect the game with Facebook and add as many friends as possible

  1. How to deal with ads.

The game is designed so that you can end up thinking that you have to watch the ad to get the business bonuses or bonus you can earn in the game. However, is not true: If you really do not want to double your reward, simply tap the X button to close the window and continue to receive your original bonus 

  1. Tap the house that gives more money

With each new area you unlock, you will have a new house to tap on. However, in most cases, the amount you get from tapping the house compared to the amount you get from tapping previous house is lower.

  1. How to deal with advisers

You will earn advisors from the crate in the game or buy more with gems. There are more than 100 advisor currently available in the game and can use three at a time. So, play smart when it comes to your need to increase your profits. Here’s what to do:

  • Know your advisor and the bonuses they offer. Some offer discounts milestone, some offer to increase earnings per tap, some boost income or any type of business. The trick and the most important part is that they work only in a particular area.
  • if you have Shakes beer advisor, it will give you 5x speed only in dust, which means that all the business’ Dust Valley (the first area of the game) will produce income five times faster. Always set as active advisors who have more sense and do not be afraid to change depending on your current goals.
  • If you’re in the game and tapping, use the one that increases income per tap and replaced with one that increases profits when not playing or away from the game. Make some attention to the details and you will progress in the game a lot faster.

Finally, the graphics in the game are really good, and best of all, the game is not demanding at all. The impressions were good. This game is very popular because it has been downloaded over a million times so far.





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