Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3

Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3

Brimming with delicious candy graphics, Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3 features a variety of sweet treats like gummy bears, peppermints, and more. This game is comprised of a grid of candies, the player has to switch a given candy around to get the desired pattern. The goal is pretty simple and easy to understand, to move from level to level and earn powerups you have to match three of a kind. This app takes matching puzzle games to a whole new level though. With attractive visuals and a great interface to back it up, it brings a fresh new experience to a classic game style.

The most unique feature in this game is its dedication to worldbuilding and expanding on the user’s experience. Players enjoy a vast realm of candies, like travelling through a Hazel River or a Chocolate Field to get to the next level. The developers of Triple Sweet Puzzle: Match 3 have spared no detail when it comes to communicating their vision to players. Playing a few rounds of this game is sure to leave your mouth watering. Delving into all sorts of sweets, these developers have created a world that will pull you into its delectable delights.

You will never get bored with Triple Sweet Puzzle!

Aside from the playful visuals and entertaining storyline, this app keeps you engaged for hours on end. Each level comes with its own difficulties and unique strategies you need to discover in order to move on. The keen trick behind the graphics and themes of this app is that it captivates audiences of all ages. No matter where you are in life, we’re all attracted to appetizing candies. The world created in the app also adds to the effect and helps to keep you engaged, but that’s simply the external draw. Once you start playing it is actually quite hard to put it down. With a mix of powerups, shiny graphics, and complicated levels, this game can take more than a few hours to complete. And who can blame you? There are over 200 levels, and more are being developed as you complete the old ones.

Most players get used to the tactics of the game early on, but they manage to create dynamic levels that keep you coming back for more, in the best possible way. If you need to relax after a long day, or you just need to keep busy for a little while, this may be the app for you. It’s a great way to spend an hour or two because instead of passively watching a television show or wading through social media, you’re actively engaging your brain to figure out the best way to solve these puzzles.

It’s definitely addictive, but all in good fun. It’s a free game, but there are in-app purchases if you want a little extra help. It’s available for Apple products, iOS 9.3 or later, and currently has over a 4.0-star rating. If you want a fun way to bide some time with a stimulating game, this is the app you’ve been waiting for.



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