Wizard of Oz: Magic Match

Wizard of Oz: Magic Match is a game developed by Zynga. The game is just like other Match 3 games: match pieces of the same colour to make them disappear and get points. You can also create individual pieces by matching four to five pieces of the same colour, which gets you more points.

The game includes more than 100 different levels where you have different objectives. In some, you have to match a specific number of pieces of a particular colour, and in others fight against the evil witches.

 Tips And Tricks In The Game

  1. Go for Glinda

On levels where you Glinda is present, make sure you take full advantage! During a level where she’s around, there are magic stars on the board.

These stars match up will increase the magic meter in the upper right corner of the screen, just below Glinda. If you can fill all the way, Glinda will come to the rescue if you run out of moves and have not yet reached your goal. She will spread her magic through the board, which makes the random items on large pieces, and she will also return a few shots. On especially challenging levels, this could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

  1. Utilize The Butterflies

Matching four items in a square creates a magic butterfly of that colour. When matched, a butterfly will immediately land on a super piece somewhere on the board. On certain levels where there are fragments of the board scattered around in hard to reach places, these butterflies are lifesavers if you need to activate a super item. For example, on the levels where you need to break all of the ice blocks, activating a blocked off super item using a butterfly can turn the tides!

  1. Know Your Super Items

Like any other good match-3 puzzle game, the key to beating the levels is taking advantage of the super items. Magic rays are created when you match four elements in a row. These elements respond immediately match the row or column that is when matched, depending on how it is formed. Magic butterflies, as mentioned above, arise when four elements are combined in the form of squares. Those activated butterflies will fly too close super item on the board and automatically disabled. Magic bubbles are generated by matching the five item forming “L” or “T.” Magic bubbles act as bombs. When they move, they match all the surrounding items.
Glinda’s Crystal Ball is created when the five items are matched in a row. These are the ultimate super item. Six items that fit in large “T” shape matching will create a final lollipop. Lollipop charts all the regular items that are exchanged for it.
And of course, you can also combine supers with each other to create some devastating effects.

  1. Always Go For Your Objective

Think out your moves and plan. Early on you can be liberal with your moves, but later on, you will need to make every single one count. As usual, there’s no time limit so think over each move carefully before you commit to it. Before anything, you should always consider if your move is going to bring you one step closer to your objective goal. You should always prioritize your goal before anything.

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