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Wrath of the Righteous – Defeat Deskari with your companions

Owlcat Games created a new version of Pathfinder. The first masterpiece from Owlcat became very popular, and gamers wanted an in-depth plot. As the game developers say, Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous is the sequel of the KingMaker. Wrath of the Righteous is already available on PC, macOS and Linux. In just a few days, the game stormed the top charts of the RPG games. The role-playing industry has a new favorite from Owlcat Games.

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Role-playing genre at its best

Role-playing games are popular because the gamers have a chance to play through a particular story. When the game developer company announces a new RPG, it means that characters have individual storylines. Wrath of the Righteous has the same case – there are six characters with different teams. You can play as an angel, scholar, demon, warrior or even the head of the city. Each of those characters has stories behind it, and you can improve their skills on the road. Characters have unique skills, abilities and teams, so it’s better to choose someone with better development options. For instance, if you prefer playing like an angel and destroying Deskari from an angel’s standpoint, you are free to choose that character.

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The main plot of Wrath of the Righteous

The realm of Sarkoris is not strong anymore. The Deskari, Lord of the demon, with the hordes of the monsters and another mighty warrior – Baphomet, conquered the city. Sarkoris is a trendy and trusted city. Religion and faith are in the blood of the city residents. Unfortunately for the Sarkoris’ residents, they are not in power to fight against Deskari’s team. Although the people in faith can see that they are not worshipping the proper lord, it’s almost impossible to change the situation. Deskari is the son of Pazuzu. The demon Pazuzu knew that Deskari could become the demon lord. As Deskari grew up in the jailed reality, he broke the walls against him and went as a free warrior. Deskari met with Baphomet, and they partnered up to break the truth. Deskari saw that the spiritual walls of the Deskari were not tight. That’s why his team built false temples to let religious residents of the city worship him. As his power grew over the worship, hordes of the demons could break the realm of the Sarkis.

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Wrath of the Righteous – Characters / Companions


One of the most potent teams. Angels can summon a big team of angels and fight against evil together. During the war against evil armies, angels can heal each other, therefore get more abilities against enemies.


The emperor of the balance. The developers of the Wrath of the Righteous call this character “AEON – Cosmic Judge”. His most significant advantage is to heal the situation in any timeline. If the timeline is broken, AEON can heal the process and replace reality. There are many advantages and abilities that gamers can get with AEON. The Cosmic Judge can actually help any team in the war against Deskari.


The protector of the innocents. She is a superhero, and most gamers call her a rebel. The fighter soul she got from the family, and that’s why she hates injustice. In the fight against freedom, truth and demons, she is always on the right side. Superhero Azata’s primary goal is to help innocents with the Dragon powers.


A raging beast is under your hands. You can choose her and get trust from the hordes of monsters. The raging beast’s main target is to become the leader of the Abyss.

Deskari is the original opponent

The hordes of the demon are with Deskari. As mentioned above, Deskari is the son of Pazuzu. The demon Pazuzu knew about the abilities of the Deskari and jailed him, so he could not escape from the given reality. Deskari grew very smart and powerful. With the help of the Sarkis



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