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Yakuza: Like A Dragon Tips & Tricks Part 2

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Tips

Welcome to part 2 of our Yakuza: Like a Dragon tips and tricks guide. In the previous part, we looked at some simple tricks to get by in Yokohama. If you missed out on that article, be sure to check it out so you’ve got all the good tricks available in the game.

In this part, we’ve got more important tricks and tips to help make your life easier as a down-and-out Yakuza.

Change Your Job

Yakuza: Like a Dragon makes use of a class-based character system. Each character can be assigned a particular job which determines the skills they have available to them. You can grow strong by focusing on one particular job but you’d be missing out on some additional skills that can only be available by levelling up other jobs. Make sure you’re swapping out your jobs regularly so you can ensure that you get all the good skills that will help you survive in the mean streets of Yokohama.

Hamakita Park

A great way to make a boat-load of money in Yakuza: Like a Dragon is by hunting for bugs. These can sell for a pretty penny but they are quite rare in most parts of the city, which can slow down your progress with the Part-Time Hero jobs given to you after Chapter 5. Don’t fret, though. At the top-right of the map, there’s Hamakita Park which has a lot of bugs for you to catch and then sell. Make sure you frequent this place so you can keep yourself wealthy.

Running Away is an Option

The Yakuza aren’t known for backing down in a fight. Your pride, however, can get the better of you if you stubbornly keep yourself in a losing battle. Not only will you lose your dignity when you get knocked on your back, but you’ll also lose all the money you have on you. This is why it’s a good idea that you make use of the escape combat option. Living to fight another day is sometimes the best way to ensure victory in the future.

Work on Your Personality

As you progress through the story of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and interact with the various denizens of Yokohama, you’ll be given dialogue choices. Each choice you make will level up a different trait of Ichiban’s personality. As you level up each trait, more people and places become available to you which means more adventures and mini-games. Be sure to focus on all traits as equally as you can.

Save Money

We mentioned earlier that losing in battle means all the money in your pockets goes bye-bye but there’s a way to keep it safe. Scattered around Yokohama are ATMs where you can deposit and withdraw cash whenever you need to. Keeping your money in the bank is how you can prevent thugs from picking your pockets after they’re done beating you down.

That’s going to do it for our Yakuza: Like a Dragon tips and tricks guide. The game is quite vast with a lot of cool things to do and experience. Be sure to check out part 1 of this guide to get the full set of tricks that will help you enjoy this brilliant title to the fullest.



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