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Crusaders Quest

Crusaders Quest is an online hero-collecting RPG Match-3 puzzle-based combat game with cute 16-bit pixel graphics. In this game you will lead your army of mercenaries across fantastic lands to save 5 Goddesses from a mysterious and villainous witch. You will upgrade Heroes and weapons to make them more powerful in battle. The game features over 200 Heroes to collect, many stages to fight through, Hero evolution and weapon upgrade systems, asynchronous PVP, and many additional modes.

Tips And Tricks In The Game

Be active during the fights
Although fighting  automatic in the game, you still have to control the shields and special attacks and in order to win the battles. Try grouping attacks based on the enemies you are facing and make use of the special attack buttons in such a way that you create chains of two or three similar attack types. Learn how each attack works; some are only useful in melee combat, some are ranged, some affect a specific area and make sure you never waste a special attack. Finally, do not forget about the Goddess following you; use her special abilities when most needed and always make sure that you have at least one use left for the boss battle although I usually try to keep them all for the final battle!

Claim your mailbox rewards
For various things that you do in your game, you’ll receive rewards – but many of them won’t be automatically claimed. Instead, they’ll go to your mailbox and you have 30 days to claim them. Make sure that you check your mailbox regularly and claim those rewards ASAP.

Promote your Heroes
As soon as your heroes reach the maximum level of their rank, they can be promoted. Each promotion increases their stats and allows them to level up even further. So try to promote them as soon as they max out their level to have better heroes. You need Honor to do so, and honor is pretty difficult to get but if you have a lot of active friends, they can gift it to you and you will have to problem keeping your heroes always upgraded.

Train your heroes
After each promotion, you can train your heroes using. This is very expensive, but it can increase your skills quite a bit so makes sure that when you train your heroes, you use the maximum number of bread.

Bring your friends into battle
On many occasions, your friends will have leaders that are better than the heroes you own, so it makes a lot of sense to bring them into battles especially the more difficult ones. It is true that you only level up two of your heroes following this method, but you can easily cruise through the quests like this and unlock the rewards, then replay them with your heroes over and over again to level them up and be under no pressure.

Grind on levels
You actually should replay all stages as often as possible to make sure that you have enough coins and strong heroes to keep on going in the later stages. And the good thing is that you can always be sure that you will beat these stages because you have already done so. It’s a win-win situation.

Upgrade your weapons
The game actually calls this converting, and you should do it as soon as you get a weapon for your heroes.

Always use the best set of heroes
As your complete stages, you will unlock more and more heroes and you should always use the best ones available in battles. Test them all out, see which do better than others and use those in battle. Do not hesitate to use the practice mode to see how things go and which heroes to bring into battle.

Main events and quests
If you really want to increase your chances at winning the game and getting the most out of it, then you should go to the Colosseum and explore the Dungeons. Check out the world events and try to get as far as possible because that is where the real rewards at. Grind on the completed levels to level up your heroes and get money for the upgrades and complete these special events for some really rare and awesome Heroes!



Crusaders Quest

Pros and Cons


Cute 16-bit graphics.

Many Heroes to collect.

Interesting story.

Unique puzzle-based combat.


Repetitive gameplay.

Lots of farming and grinding.



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