Ultimate team – Fifa 22 Pro clubs as a new adventure

Fifa 22 pro clubs new adventure – EA Sports has confirmed that new features will be coming to the Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 22 play style. We know that FIFA 22 Pro Clubs is a popular game mode in the FIFA gaming community. Now, with the new features, it will be refreshing for every Pro Clubs player. 

Players can create and customize their player or “Pro”, which they can use to play against other players. Furthermore, you can choose your “Pro’s” position and gather ten teammates, who can have “Pro’s” in different situations. This makes it a socially enjoyable game mode that you can play.

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Division Rivals Fifa 2022 Pro Clubs

EA Sports has also reduced the weekly match requirements for Division Rivals mode and leaned towards the seasons model. In FIFA 22, the progression system is designed to be less demanding and keep players at the right skill level. 

Each division of Division Rivals modes is made up of ranks, stages, and checkpoints. Don’t worry about losing any of your progress, as the checkpoints ensure players remain at their appropriate skill level.

With that being said, winning a match will move you forward a stage. Losing it will drive you back one step unless you are at the checkpoint. And if you keep drawing, you will stay in your current position. 

You can also start a winning streak if you can manage to win two matches in a row. There will be an additional stage for every consecutive win, and it continues until you draw or lose. So, level up your play style and start winning games!

Watch mini guide from Fifa 22 about rival division and growing the team from the scratch!

Elite division of Fifa 22

For the best of the best players, there is a new Elite Division. It is a step up from Division 1; all players in the Elite Division are ranked based on their skill rating, with the top 200 on the global leaderboard.

If you make it to the Elite Division, you remain there throughout the current season. You will be playing only against other Elite players based on skill rating and the player’s physical location. That’s how traditional matchmaking in the Elite Division allows players to have a challenging match yet enjoyable.


Earn experience and qualification on Division Rivals to play in the FUT Champions – the Weekend League. You can continue to earn Champions Qualification Points on Division Rivals, and after you have enough points, you will automatically enter the Play-off. After you earn enough points in the Play-off, you will qualify for the FUT Champion Finals. 

You can play the FUT Champion Finals on weekends, and the Final Qualifications Token gives you the flexibility to enter the competition at your convenient time.

Add even more personality to your stadium in FUT 22. You can show off your banners, flags, and cards from pitch side to row z. Make sure to put your personality into it and take your stadium design to a whole new level

FUT championship is a real deal for nostalgic players. The below is the cards of the players that confirm to participate in Fifa 22 FUT league


FIFA 22 career mode explained in-depth

We are entering one of the most popular game modes in EA Sports’ FIFA series, Career Mode. And now, it might get even more popular with the new improvement in FIFA 22 Career Mode. FIFA 22 Career Mode promises to update the player and manager career paths, plus Create Your Club, which allows you to create your local site to the database.

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Improvements in Fifa 22 career mode

These improvements will level up the practical side and bring you more options to customize your Manager Career experience and Player Career experience. Don’t forget that you have complete control over your Pro’s development and career progression.

 There is still a lot to talk about, so let’s dive right in!

Watch full guide of career mode from the Fifa 22 YouTuber

Create Your Club

As mentioned above, in Create Your Club, you can add a custom club for your manager career and assign it to a league of your choice and give it a rival club. You can also create your club identity by choosing a name and nickname and customizing your crest, kit and stadium. So, get creative and make your club like none other!

Player Career

Player Career also has been improved in FIFA 22. Now, you can introduce your player as a substitute, and you can choose to start the game when you get subbed on. In addition, Manager Rating has been added so your performances will get feedback and set individual Match Objectives. Continuing to impress your Manager will earn you a place and ensure you are not back to the bench.

Created Players have a new Player Growth path. So, when you complete matches and reach your Match Objectives, XP and Skill Points will be unlocked. You can then use XP to decide how your player progresses and which attribute to improve in the Player Career Skill Tree.

Below there is a video full of tips on how to make a player's career as a super-star! The video is about the Fifa 21 but rumors say that same tips and tricks will be adaptable to Fifa 22.

Dressing Room Atmosphere

To make Player Career feel so much more realistic, they added dressing room cinematic sequences at the end of each match. You will see your team’s latest performance and how they celebrate victory or how they express their loss.

Transfers Updates

You will have a more vivid experience of transfer negotiation as contract discussions and negotiations feel closer to reality. You also can start and stop scouting a player from the Transfer Hub.

Expanded Stories

This focuses on your stats and accomplishments, like when you’ve played 50 to 250 matches or won the Manager of the Month award. These achievements are shown in pre-match sequences, which include commentary in the language of your choosing.

Other Changes

Dynamic Tifos

Now celebrate the accomplishments of your player, whether it’s your created player or a real player in the game.


The UEFA Conference League has been added as a third main continental competition for European clubs. As you have read, FIFA 22 has features that you can’t find in FIFA 21; for example, Create Your Club allows you to come on as a substitute, post-match sequences, Tifos for generated players and many more.

Role Playing

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Compared to Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is the sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, made by Owlcat Games. The two games differ significantly, but both capture the spirit of individualized gameplay and battling against evil forces as you build your realm.

Table of Contents

Wrath of the Righteous Improvements

Wrath of the Righteous improves in a few areas versus its predecessor. The creators worked hard to ramp up the writing and dialogue the characters speak. These changes make the game more engaging and more realistic in the way the characters speak during the game. The mythic pathways you choose also have a greater impact on how the other characters in the game interact with you, making the game more realistic. There are more implications on how your race and class affect your treatment by others, providing a complex social hierarchy to the game.

These are the main characters of the game

ArtWork at it’s finest!

One of the most improved areas in the game is the artwork. This is a world-class example of video game artistry. The world bends and flows as you travel through different paths, with rich colours and vibrant imagination. You can tell that the creators really took a page out of other artistically celebrated video games to improve the artistry of this game. That same improvement also went into the management, as it is much more tied into the story than the management of Kingmaker was.

Room for Growth

However, not everything with Wrath of the Righteous was an improvement. Both games have their strengths, and both have their weaknesses. For one thing, the army system in Wrath of the Righteous feels unfinished and lacks the balance that one looks for in this type of video game. The four-unit types in your army are very unequally rated to the point that hell knights and priests are invincible, while footmen and archers get killed left and right. It’s difficult to gameplan when some of your options are useless, and the others feel impenetrable when they come against you. The lack of balance is a problem across the board in this game, making it a bit difficult to chart your path against the enemy strategically. Users wind up altering the game themselves, lowering stats for certain characters and increasing damage for others.

In the gaming space, there was a big scandal with the bugs of the game! Gamers found many bugs and issues with the KingMaker. Team behind the game soon solved all the issues and now the game has no flows!

Benefits of the game

One of Wrath of the Righteous benefits is that the game is so deep that you will never get bored. As you keep exploring, you will find more and more to entertain you to the point where you might wonder how the game makers had time to dive this deep into the game. You have ultimate control over the competition, changing difficulty and gameplay settings to make the game exactly how you want it.

Whether you choose Kingmaker or Wrath of the Righteous, you will have fun exploring the world and tackling the many tasks you have to conquer. Sure, there are things in both games that could be better, but that is part of gaming: finding the flaws and using your gamer mind to overcome them and use them to your advantage.


Fifa 22 Gameplay – what changed and improved with the new version

FIFA 22 is promised to have jam-packed full of new features. With Hypermotion gameplay technology, EA sports surely knows how to spoil players. Hypermotion gameplay technology will feature in the PS5 and Xbox series X|S versions of FIFA 22, and it’s going to deliver the most realistic, fluid, and responsive football experience. 

Table of Contents

New features in Fifa 22

Not only that but there are also gameplay features and new modes for gamers to play. We will look at four gameplay features: Goalkeeper Rewrite, Tru Ball Physics, Explosive Sprint, and New Attacking tactics. So, without further ado, let’s get right on it!

Watch EA trailer of Fifa 22. It's a mini preview of the features that Fifa 22 has for the football fans

Goalkeeper rewrite in FIFA 22 gameplay

Yes, a new goalkeeper system has already been introduced on all consoles, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But, the exciting thing about this goalkeeper is that with a complete rewrite of goalkeeping AI and animation, the goal looks more natural and effective. If you pay close attention to FIFA 21’s high-scoring games, you will notice its absence. 

To make it more clear, your goalkeeper on FIFA 22 will have new animations. The goalkeeper movements have been rescanned, making them more reliable in actions and look more fluid and realistic than ever before.

True ball physics 

As the name suggests, we can assume that the ball movement in FIFA 22 gameplay is expected to obey the law of physics. This means that the ball reacts much more realistically to speed, swerve, air drag, air resistance, ground friction. This makes the ball’s behavior on the field more authentic, like what you will see in an actual football match.

Can you imagine how fun it can be to play a football game on a console that looks close to the actual football match? Well, you shall find out all of it after your first kick-off in FIFA 22.

Explosive sprint of the players

Remember when you press the sprint button on your previous FIFA releases? Yes, the player started to slow and increased his speed until he reached his top speed. You know what, you can say goodbye to that because, in this explosive sprint of the players in FIFA 22, the first step becomes more explosive right after you press the sprint button.

It gives you essential advantages when running over the defender and catching up with the opponent’s striker. An explosive sprint gives you more control in terms of acceleration when dribbling or defending.

New physics, sprints and skills will be easily adaptable at the new stadiums like this one:

New attacking tactics

They say the community requested this one feature. If you are one of them who wishes to have this in your game, then congratulations, EA sports heard you. The player has more control over how you play in FIFA 22. You can now set up your team to have a different playstyle in each half of the pitch. Change how you want to attack your opponent with other tactics. Moreover, you can set it for in-game tactics, too, so switching your approach according to the current score-line and opponent’s tactics is easier than ever.

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OwlCat Games Review in 2021

Owlcat Games is run by a team of creative developers passionate about creating games that give players the ultimate freedom of choice. Having choices in the events that happen is one of the main reasons people love playing video games. If we wanted to watch a story be told to us with no influence on the narrative, we would watch a movie. But gamers love to be involved in telling the story, which is why Owlcat Games is so passionate about giving users that ultimate choice.

Watch MrMatty's interesting review of the OwlCat Games - The reasons why the company develops viral RPG games

Table of Contents

Bringing back the best of RPG

The Owlcat Games company is all about bringing back recognition to the RPG genre of gaming. They want to tell engaging stories and level the RPG genre up with modern standards. As gaming becomes so advanced, Owlcat Games intends to advance with them. At the same time, Owlcat Games still wants to pay tribute to where gaming has come from. They do this by not forgetting their roots and proving that old values still matter, even as graphics and gameplay become more and more advanced.

OwlCat Games – More than RPG

However, Owlcat Games reviews leave something desired, as bugs seem to make gameplay difficult. Still, people love to play the games and continue to support Owlcat Games as they work to fix the issues. As one reviewer says, “Despite the bugs and crashes, this is a great game.”

Games Developed by Owlcat

Pathfinder: Kingmaker was the first game developed by Owlcat games, where players can explore the stolen lands of Golarion and conquer missions with a ragtag crew of gritty avatars. You can battle monsters like giant spiders and write the story the way you want to. You work to build your reign and conquer the challenges set before you.

Kingmaker places a big emphasis on realm-building. Your character must make decisions like a local lord that affect the rest of the game. You are amidst a world of complicated political tensions and wild adventures. You have complete choice over how your character looks and what your character does.

Below you see the main characters of the both games. Left side - Wrath of the Righteous Right side - Kingmaker

Sequel from Owlcat Games

After developing Kingmaker, Owlcat Games released a sequel game called Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. In this game, you must battle against an evil empire of demon lords who have invaded the world of Golarion. They have crushed all that was once in place there, and now the world is overrun with demons. As a new hero, the fate of the world is in your hands. You must advance through a series of paths and challenges to defeat the demons.

About the Company

You can contact Owlcat Games by emailing them a [email protected]. Let them know what you think of their games, or ask them any questions they may have. They are always looking for ways to interact with their fans and respond to suggestions to improve their games. Their offices are located in Lakatamia, Cyprus, off the southern coast of Turkey.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Characters

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has many memorable characters that you can use to build your realm and defeat the challenges before you. In the game, the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous characters are called Companions—and their name fits their role. The Companions assist you by joining your party and helping with different missions and challenges throughout the game.

Watch a very interesting guide to the characters and companions of the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Each Companion has its unique characteristics and in-depth backstories that you can learn and use to your advantage. They are from various races and classes, making your team uniquely diverse, with everyone contributing different skills to the game plan. The Companions also have their unique quests, which can lead to valuable outcomes and rewards. When you have Wrath of the Righteous Companions in your party, they will react to your actions and dialogue and work together with you as a team to achieve your goals.

Table of Contents


A half-elf, Camellia is a Companion whose strongest traits are dexterity and wisdom. She is of the Shaman and Spirit Hunter classes and provides both youth and talent to your team in the game. She may look sweet, but she can fight demons and cultists like no other. She won’t be a super talkative or social Companion—she likes to keep her distance and focus on accomplishing what needs to get done.


Seelah has a dark past, but she doesn’t let it affect her. A human of the Paladin class, she is tough but still compassionate and kind. Her past includes a history of being a thief and a street urchin. But now, she’s turned her life around and fights for goodness alongside your band of Companions. Strength and charisma are her top qualities, and she sure is charismatic. She has a thirst for justice, most likely stemming from her history associating with criminals.


In Pathfinder, Lann is a Companion who is known for his curiosity. Lann is known for his strength, dexterity, and wisdom, providing lots of balance as a Companion to the team. He is of the Mongrelman race, and half of his body is green, with the other half sprouting a single horn on top of his head. He is also of the Monk and Zen Archer classes. He will provide a helpful mix of qualities to any team.


In Pathfinder, Ember is an Elf of the Witch and Stigmatized Witch classes. Her dark eyes and the crow that follows her around give her an intimidating aura, but she is accommodating on the variety of quests and challenges throughout Pathfinder. Charisma and talent are the most known strengths, and she can curse any foe who steps in her path.


Arueshalae is a succubus with thick armour to protect her on her quests. She starts in Pathfinder as a Ranger class before changing to an Espionage Expert. She is off the charts in dexterity and can help you with any question or challenge that stands in your way.

Puzzle Simulation

Manifold Garden PS4 is a delight for the ears

We are now landing in the world of the Manifold Garden on PS4. It’s where you can experience a memorable journey into a unique, aesthetic and creative puzzle. Developed by visual artist William Chyr, it was first released on Windows, macOS, and iOS on October 18, 2019. Approximately a year later, a port for the PlayStation 4 was released and spoiled us with mind-bending visuals along with challenging puzzles.

Table of Contents

General review of Manifold Garden PS4

As a Manifold Garden PS4 review, I can say that the gameplay is surprisingly fascinating like none other. You will find a “universe” with a different set of physical laws where you can manipulate gravity, meaning that floors can become ceilings and walls into floors as you navigate to crack the puzzles. You don’t have to worry about getting disoriented by the “gravity changes”, as Manifold Garden on PS 4 will change the overall colour hue of the game environment to help you identify which way is “up” and “down”.

Watch the full trailer of the Manifold Garden PS4 version

Explore more challenges

Keep in mind that there are no stories to tell and no enemies that challenge the player. So, you will keep on exploring while searching special cubes to put on their appropriate triggers so that the doors for the following areas open. It might seem like a not-so-interesting task to bring cubes to the right places, but they create the puzzles that are connected in a highly clever way that to solve them will make your brain hurt (in a good way).

Different color cubes

The cubes themselves have different colors. Each color of the cubes represents the floor with the trigger it needs to be placed, which is the floor with the same color as the cube. So, the complexity comes from correctly placing each piece of the cubes in the right place to open the door so that you can go to the next area.

Comparison with other Puzzle games

Like any other high-quality puzzle game that slowly introduces the player to their way of doing things, Manifold Garden on PS4 does the same. It starts with simple and easy puzzles to solve and visual cues to introduce gravity shifting and identify the colours representing the different surfaces. The further you get, the harder it gets because you need to think in terms of 3D space.

There are different games compared to Manifold Garden in the Puzzle space. Watch the video for the full review of the whole Puzzle gardening space.

Deluxe version for PS4

If you are a PlayStation 4 owner, you have the option to purchase a Deluxe Edition of Manifold Garden, which includes the original soundtrack and a Dynamic theme. An additional feature that you will get from Manifold Garden on PS4 is the Photography Mode Update, which has some tools and filters to use Manifold Garden’s world as a canvas for generating a beautiful piece of digital art that you can share for others to see.

Other consoles for the game

So, what about Manifold Garden that runs on other platforms like PC, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.? In terms of gameplay, there is no difference between those platforms. The task is to solve the puzzles within the game’s world that frequently repeat into infinity in all directions. All in all, Manifold Garden on PS4 is a well-crafted game that feels and looks strange yet beautiful, mind-boggling yet calming. It is because of the combinations of a stunningly beautiful environment design, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a gorgeous puzzler. Manifold Garden is a delight for the ears, the eyes and the mind.

Role Playing

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous compared to other RPG games

The Pathfinder series is fascinating and influential in the gaming space. Owlcat Games developed a new version of Pathfinder. Wrath of the Righteous is very interesting and swears to be a new word in the PRG world. Role-Playing games are popular because gamers have a chance to stand in other companion’s shoes. There are many characters in the Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. You can choose between demons, angels, warriors, gladiators and scholars. The RPG industry is a very crowded space, and there are many competitors to OwlCat know-how. Let’s discuss the games against Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. 

Table of Contents

Little about the Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

Owlcat Studios created the game Pathfinder Kingmaker five years ago. The team behind the games was very proud of it. There were few significant bugs, but developers could improve a few aspects of the game. Soon, the KingMaker version (first variant) dominated the gaming charts. Gaming forums were full of fans, and the Owlcat team decided to work on spin-offs. The story of the Wrath of the Righteous is the sequel to the original plot. The story happens in the city “Sarkaris”, where the demons try to destroy its influence on other cities and countries. One of the demons, Deskari, will find the thin wall between the realm of his and the town of Sarkaris. His team will build more tunnels (in this case, temples) between their and Sarkaris reality. Although many religious practitioners will find the truth about worshipping other lords, they can’t stand against Deskari’s evil plan. Deksari will get help from a dark magic practitioner of the city.

Watch 6 minutes full-guide to the most important aspects of the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous! 

Characters of the Pathfinder compared to other RPG games.

Gamers compare Pathfinder mostly with Pillars of the eternity. The games’ plot is similar, and RPG lovers may see the deep connection between these two. The pillars of eternity happen in a small reality (city). The world of Eora was full of happy residents. Strange things happen when the first child is born without a soul. The scholars and warriors of the Eora name it as the worst period of the nation. That’s when they start fighting the enemies – evil souls.

Watch 20 minutes guide from the Gaming community about the Pillars of Eternity!

Comparison in the story-lines

The same could be said about Pathfinder. Wrath of the Righteous has the same storyline as Pillars of the eternity. Demons destroy the city when the thin walls are not stable anymore. That’s why scholars, warriors and angels have to fight against Deskari together. These two games have similarities between the characters. In Pathfinder, you can choose six characters and have various paths. The uniqueness of each character in Pathfinder is unbelievable, and you can stand in the shoes of different professionals in their work. Pillars of the Eternity gives you the same chance with the character – the unique story behind each character, skills and weapons are always advanced and can fight against evil armies.

Puzzle Simulation

Gardening games on PC for you to play

If you want to play a game with ease without the need of reloading bullets or squeezing your brain, try gardening games on PC. It is relaxing and fun because there is something about playing gardening games that makes you feel in-tune with nature. It’s probably because of the repetitive nature of planting a field and the slow pace of getting the result of your crops growing.

Table of Contents

Gardening games in the general prism

In the past few years, gardening games in general also got attention as many people describe that gardening games can often be a place of retreat and escape. There are desires to be involved in gardening as nowadays there aren’t many green spaces left. At least through gardening games on PC, we can experience the colourful garden and enjoy the process of crops growing.

Version of the open garden

Many games mimic the natural open garden for the PC playing experience to be more realistic. The developer’s goal is, of course, to pump up the garden game download stats. But, this approach is more of a way to experience it as if they are in the actual fields for the players.

If you want to get similar experience in the gardening games, then here is the YouTube video compiling big list of the same niche PC or console games!

Where to get similar experiences?

You can also find this experience in gardening games on PC like Gardenscapes, Inner Garden, Farm Together, Pure Farming 2018 and many more. Some offer more realistic graphics to the table, and others provide a more cartoonish approach.

How to play Manifold Garden

Now, let’s talk about the platform to use to play gardening games. While the console is made specifically for games, PC is still the best option for gardening games. This is because the PC has better graphics thanks to its graphic card that you can upgrade to improve the resolution; you simply can’t do this on a console like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. Another reason is that PCs have better backward compatibility, meaning that you can play any game for a PC, no matter how old it is, with or without a physical disk.

Watch Manifold Garden full walkthrough of Gameplay

Manifold Garden PC version is better?

Need more reason why playing gardening games on PC is better than on consoles? Control flexibility. Yes, with a PC, players can choose the controller they want. Be it a Mouse and a keyboard or a gamepad; there are so many console games on PC, it’s only natural if players want to play with the original control scheme. Furthermore, it’s so easy to connect a gamepad to your PC, either wired or with Bluetooth.

Watch 6 minutes of animation whether PC is better or console? it's a general gaming debate

Puzzle Simulation

Manifold Tutorial To Beat The Game In No Time

Longing for a Manifold tutorial? After seven years of development, Manifold Garden indeed brings challenges that push your brain to the breaking point. But, interestingly enough, there’s an urge inside of you telling your brain to keep searching for answers on how to solve the puzzles. If that’s what happened, you are in the right place because what I’m about to give you can help you finish the game.

Just a forewarning, there are going to be spoilers in this Manifold tutorial. So, proceed only as necessary. Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into the tutorial!

Table of Contents

Garden achievements in the game

There are 24 Manifold Garden achievements and the estimated time to complete those achievements is 8-10 hours. The duration is about the same as the hub gravity rush, which is about 10 hours.

What happens in the empty room

To start your journey in a meta-universe manifold of Manifold Garden, you will face an empty room with a blue floor. There is nothing in it but a staircase that leads to a wall. Walk towards it and use a gravity shift on the wall. Keep walking straight and use the gravity shift again until you find your first Door Switch.

Watch Keith Ballard's video walkthrough about the empty room episode

Door switch is the key

Press the Door Switch to open the door and follow the hallway until you find a large room with a Green Door Switch above you. Use that to open the door that will lead you to another room with a Red Cube stuck onto the right wall. Shift into the Red Gravity to pick up the cube and place it onto the Red Cube Switch to open the door. There is a Yellow Cube; pick it up and walk through the opened door to put a Yellow Cube onto the Yellow Cube Switch.

Doors will be opened for you

Another door will be open for you, follow the hallway and pretty much do the same as putting a cube onto the right switch or press a Door Switch. After you open the door in the area with two Red and Blue cubes switches, you will enter a room with a Blue Cube Switch on a green floor. You need to place the Green Cube on the blue line in front of the blue square so that it acts as a support for the Blue Cube. After that, you can now place the Blue Cube onto the Blue Cube Switch.

The popular YouTuber and Gamer, Keith, explains everything about the opened doors in the Manifold Garden!

Blue cubes

In the next area, you will find a room with two blue cubes stuck on a tree. Pick one and put it on the Blue Receiver to open the door to the outside balcony. Grab the other blue cube and walk onto the balcony and look for another blue receiver on the blue tower across the gap. Leap off while holding the blue cube and move forward while falling through the air until you land on the tower balcony below. After that, put the blue cube onto the blue receiver like usual, and there you go, you now know to beat this meta-universe manifold of Manifold Garden. Don’t forget to be intelligent and dodgy about it!