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Papalymo FFBE Review

The Papalymo FFBE character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a powerful must-have if you don’t have him already. Character is a powerful magic user who quickly casts two spells in succession, allowing the player a tremendous tactical advantage against opponents in one turn. He has no innate weaknesses and resistances, which is quite handy as players won’t be surprised if significant drains or a sudden death come from an elemental or physical attack.

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Papalymo as a crossover Unit

The FFBE Papalymo character hails from Final Fantasy XIV for those not familiar with the game. Along with other Final Fantasy characters from previous games, he is a crossover unit. Papalymo is a small Lalafell man from the faraway land of Hydaelyn with fair skin, short blonde hair and pointed ears. He is one of the Scions of the organization Seventh Dawn. The character is an impeccable and brilliant character always seen travelling with his fellow scion Yda. He is also an excellent starting character for other FF games, and many new players of FFXIV trust Papalymo to get them through the early stages.

Classes of Spells in Papalymo FFBE

In FFBE, the character’s arsenal includes different things. These includes: 3 Blizzard spells, 3 fire spells, 2 thunders, sleep and flare. Spells  coupled with his SwiftCast move can deal plenty of damage to opponents. Papalymo FFBE also has a powerful skill called Convert. This skills ups his MP to 9999 but drops his HP to one. Be very careful when using that feature. He’s not great with equipment, so it’s better to leave him as a magic-user. 

Watch Papalymo's character growth in Final Fantasy XIV

Defensive skills at the highest level

Again, speaking of damage, he is also an excellent defensive character. The user lacks innate weaknesses to elements and status attacks. So, damage from such attacks would be average. FFBE Papalymo can cast Manawall, which mitigates 20% of damage from spells and can cast Apocatastasis. That increases the SPR of allies for three turns. His limit burst is Enochian Thunder which can deal from 4x up to 7.4x magic damage to opponents.

As for the character design, he looks somewhat average compared to Vivi from FFIX or Red Mage, but he does look badass with his giant Golden Eye staff, which complements his powerful magic.

Papalymo as the best character?

Papalymo FFBE is a great character to get in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius thanks to his Swift cast and Convert moves combined with his arsenal of magic. He may not have resistances to status and elemental attacks, but he has no innate weaknesses to them either. He is an excellent defensive character thanks to those and cast a Manawall on himself, which compensates for resistance. His ability to release an SPR increase to the party also increases the level of damage the party can inflict in just one turn. That is if he is used properly. Please do not rely on him too much and balance his abilities with other party members who can heal him if he is attacked. As a free character, he is excellent for beginners and maybe in the middle parts of the game until you get more powerful mage characters like Exdeath

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Lightning Final Fantasy Review 2021

Our Lightning Final Fantasy review will end the restless wait of thousands of Lightning Final Fantasy fans. This review will cover different aspects of the protagonist or a lead character, “Lighting”. The game’s director and scenario writer Motomu Toriyama created this remarkable character, and Tetsuya Nomura designed it. Her real name is Claire Farron, while Lighting is just a pseudonym. You can read about Mobius Final Fantasy review from our gaming experts also.

Lightning has a sister Serah whom she was forced to raise by herself after the death of their parents. Her father died when she was very young, and her mother died before she turned fifteen. She is a soldier, a member of the Guardian Corps, at the start of the game. Later on, she leaves her position to rescue her sister Serah who was declared by fal’Cie as I’Cie. Lightning becomes a Purge to save her sister and boards a train full of unjustly exiled citizens to begin her quest to find her sister and defy the fate gods had chosen for her.

From being an optional playable Lightning Final, Fantasy Brave Exvius, to leading character Lightning Final Fantasy 13, FFBE Lightning is a female protagonist who is less feminine than the last character. She awesomely realizes the idea of creating a strong and adept fighting female character. Lightning FFBE adopts the pseudonym Lightning to escape her insecurities, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities to become an iron person and indeed becomes one. She successfully saves her homeworld, Cocoon and becomes a true warrior and a saviour.

Table of Contents

FFBE Lightning personality traits and abilities

Lightning Final Fantasy review is incomplete without Exvius Lightning’s personality traits and abilities. Lightning is a solid female character who loves to be independent, concentrated, and determined. She always seems indifferent and unaffectionate to people around her. She hides the true inner self that urges her to play eyeball to eyeball with dangers to protect her loved ones. Besides, the Lightning Final Fantasy review also compels us to jot down the abilities of Lightning FFBE as well. She is a master soldier, a competent combatant, and adept at fighting. Exvius Lightning is capable enough to trounce trained soldiers of PSICOM. Being a skilled fighter with weapons, she is also exceptionally good at hand to hand. That doesn’t sum up her abilities, as she also has the capabilities to cast magic with advanced magical powers and convey a message to the mortal realm.

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FFBE Lightning Weapon

FFBE Lightning’s weapons are another crucial aspect of the Lightning Final Fantasy review. She has several weapons available and a few keys of them are the following;

Blazefire Saber

Blazefire Saber is a gunblade and is a weapon that is the signature and trademark weapon of Lighting FFBE


Flamberge is Lightning’s second-tier weapon and resembles a sword. A Blazefire Saber can be upgraded to the Flamberge weapon.

Axis Blade

Axis Blade is a rank five weapon that ff Exvius Lightning uses. It offers minimum strength, a magic increase of 8 (up to 48 once upgraded), in just an increment of 2.


Enkindler is a level 30 exclusive weapon FF Lightning uses and is a remodelled weapon to suit the mobility requirements.

Edged Carbine

Edged Carbine is another Lightning FF weapon that gamers don’t want to use immediately. It helps Lightning enhance magic powers and forms a magic wall.


Apocalypse is another gunblade weapon for Lightning with more strength and magical powers. It has the second-highest in the second tier while the highest strength and magic values in the first tier weapons


Lionheart is another Lightning weapon that Lightning obtains at the beginning of the 12th chapter and doesn’t have the highest strength and magic powers.

Aurora Scarf FFBE

Aurora Scarf FFBE is another crucial aspect of Lightning Brave Exvius, and Lightning Final Fantasy review cannot be completed without briefly touching it. It is a scarce object and is extremely difficult to obtain. Once a Final Fantasy player receives it, Lightning can hit the opponent twice with a normal attack. That means it facilitates very quick and consecutive attacks to subdue the enemy. Aurora Scarf FFBE enables Lightning to fight with more ability as well as agility. It is one of the most valuable items Lightning FF can obtain but surely the hardest one to achieve because of its extreme rarity.

Final words

Our Lightning Final Fantasy review has highlighted important aspects of Lightning, a protagonist in Final Fantasy 13. FFBE Lightning, a female character, was created to introduce a female character who is less feminine than the previous female characters in the game. Lightning is a solid and determined character who expresses real strength of character, determination, and motivation in raising her sister after the death of their parents. Although her demeanour makes her seem indifferent to others around him, she strongly cares for others, though inwardly. She is also an adept soldier and combatant who can go the extra mile to save her sister and humanity as a whole.


Role Playing

Mobius Final Fantasy Job

Every gamer knows the struggle of selecting the right Mobius Final Fantasy job. If you consider all Lightning Final Fantasy jobs, you will end up more confused than you were before. Every Mobius job comes with its perks and pitfalls, and you need to carefully consider which one will fit the character you are trying to build the best. We deliver the review of the best role-playing game ever created.

This Mobius Final Fantasy job guide will help you learn more about Mobius FF jobs and how to master them. Then, you can browse the Fantasy job list with the confidence that you will make the most suitable choice.

Table of Contents

Everything about Mobius Lightning Final Fantasy job cards

The Mobius Final Fantasy job cards are an essential part of the gameplay since they affect the specializations and abilities of each character. Mobius job cards will affect your character’s appearance, elemental affinity, and Ability Cards that you can use in more detail.

If you want to master the Mobius Final Fantasy job of your choice, you need to learn what specs each job influences positively and which negatively. Then, by studying the Mobius Final Fantasy card tier list, you will know which Job Card and Ability Card will be the best for each game region.

Watch a very interesting review of the game. Gaming experts outline reasons why it's worth playing Lightning Final Fantasy in 2021

Guide to Classes

There are four basic Lightning Final Fantasy Mobius classes, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Monk. When you first begin your game, you will get the Onion Knight job card, and soon, you will also be able to choose between the Neophyte Ranger and Apprentice Mage cards. By exploring these entry-level FF Mobius classes, you can get an idea of what each Mobius Final Fantasy job has to offer to you.

In addition to the normal jobs, there are also some legendary jobs. The Soldier 1st class Mobius is one of the most famous legendary jobs that you can get. What sets them apart from the rest is that they are generally stronger jobs. However, the probability of getting one is low.

Watch a very detailed and comprehensive guideline from Final Fantasy Union on YouTube. They go through all the classes of the game and explain each of them.

Extra tips on characters

You need to remember about the Lightning Mobius Final Fantasy job you want because there is no best option. For example, an FF Mobius Dark Knight will be advantageous in some areas, while a Mobius FF Samurai will be better in another. Every decision you take is a part of a more excellent strategy so that you can complete the most challenging quests of the game.

Nevertheless, if you find that playing a Mobius Final Fantasy Dancer or a Mobius Final Fantasy Scholar character fits your style the best, you should always go for that option. Preference is usually an excellent guide for selecting how to play the game.

Popular gamer on YouTube, JorRaptor, uploaded a very interesting video. He shares top tips that can help you experience the game better.

Final Words

When it comes to the overall damage of a Mobius Final Fantasy job, the Ace Striker and the Soldier 1st class top the list. However, keep in mind that every class has its strengths and weaknesses, and so, different classes might be beneficial to you for various quests and areas. The most excellent way to find which job fits your style the most and get familiar with its specifications is to try all 4 of the primary classes. Once you’ve made your choice, you can branch out to numerous evolutions and variations



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