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The Best Cooking Mobile Games for Android and iOS

Are you looking for a way to unleash your inner chef? Well, look no further: mobile gaming is here to help! With the rise of Android and iOS games, plenty of excellent cooking games are available at your fingertips.

As video game lovers, we’ve compiled a list of the best cooking mobile games for Android and iOS – from Cooking Mama and Good Pizza Great Pizza to other interactive culinary experiences that will keep you endlessly engaged.

Read on to learn more about these awesome titles; Your mouth may water just thinking about them!

Cooking Games for Android and iOS

Cooking games for Android and iOS are mobile devices designed to bring the experience of preparing delicious dishes in a virtual kitchen to your fingertips. From cooking competitions, where time is the most important factor, to more relaxed experiences by following recipes step-by-step, you’ll find something appealing here.

Our list features some of the best cooking mobile games for Android and iOS from so many cooking games, so if you’re looking to hone your skills in the kitchen to cook food or feel like having fun while playing, this selection is worth checking out. Let’s get started!

Cooking Mama

Download Cooking Mama for:

Cooking Mama is one of the best cooking games available on Android and iOS. Developed by Office Create, it is an incredibly interactive game that allows players having a cooking craze to learn about different culinary skills in a fun and engaging way. Players can cook dishes from all over the world with various ingredients.

The gameplay follows Mama’s instructions to prepare ingredients and cook the dish. It is educational, too, as players need to understand different cooking techniques and follow recipes for each dish. After completing a level, players are rewarded with coins that can be used to buy kitchen equipment and ingredients in the store.

The game also has great visuals, animations, and a wide selection of recipes and dishes. There are over 200 levels, each with its difficulty and challenges. Players can also compete against their friends to see who can cook the best dishes!

Cooking Mama has all sorts of mini-games like pizza-making and ice cream scooping to make it even more fun. Players are rewarded for their efforts with trophies and other items.

The game also has a great community of players who can exchange tips and recipes for the best dishes. This makes Cooking Mama even more enjoyable and a great way to learn about different cooking techniques worldwide.

So if you’re looking for an excellent mobile cooking game – look no further than Cooking Mama! It’s a great way to unleash your inner chef and have fun with friends.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza for:

Good Pizza, Great Pizza, developed by TapBlaze, is one of the best cooking mobile games available for Android and iOS devices. It is an addicting arcade cooking game for Android and iOS. The game aims to make as many pizzas as possible in the allotted time frame.

Players must quickly choose from various toppings, ingredients, sauces, and doughs to complete orders correctly. The faster you can complete orders, the more money you can earn, and the higher your ranking will be on the leaderboard.

The game offers a highly realistic culinary experience; players must consider customers’ tastes and preferences when creating pizzas. They must also consider temperature, timing, and other factors to craft a delicious, quality pizza. 

With a wide range of toppings and ingredients, you can create a variety of delicious pizzas that will surely satisfy even the pickiest customers.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza also offers several other exciting features. You can upgrade your restaurant with equipment like ovens and food processors, which will help you to create more delicious pizzas faster. The game also includes an online multiplayer mode to challenge other players and prove your pizza-making skills.

In addition to the fast-paced action and realistic culinary experience, Good Pizza, Great Pizza offers many customization options. You can customize the appearance of your restaurant and design it to match your taste. You can also decorate the game with collectibles and special decorations like posters, flags, and banners.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is the perfect game for anyone who loves cooking games or wants to become a master pizza maker. With easy-to-learn controls, a realistic culinary experience, and great customization options, this arcade cooking game will surely provide hours of fun and delicious pizzas.

Cooking Simulator

Download Cooking Simulator for:

Cooking Simulator is one of the best cooking mobile games for Android and iOS. It allows you to experience being a chef in a realistic kitchen where you can cook delicious dinners and become creative with recipes and flavors. Cooking Simulator offers various features that stand out from other cooking games.

One of the best features Cooking Simulator offers is its realistic kitchen environment. You’ll be able to choose from various kitchen appliances and ingredients, allowing you to create an authentic cooking experience. The visuals of the game are stunning and make it even more entertaining.

Another great feature of the Cooking Simulator is its flexibility. This game lets you play at your own pace without worrying about time constraints or failing levels. You’ll also have access to a variety of recipes, both simple and complex, allowing you to practice your cooking skills.

The controls of the Cooking Simulator are easy-to-learn and intuitive, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to hone their cooking skills. You’ll be able to choose from various dishes, from classic Italian pasta dishes to international cuisine from around the globe.

The game also offers great rewards and incentives for completing levels, giving you ample motivation to improve at cooking.

Cooking Simulator has an online multiplayer component that allows you to compete in cooking competitions against other players. Here, you can show off your cooking skills and see how well you stack up against the competition.

Cooking Simulator is a great choice for aspiring chefs looking to make a splash in the culinary world. With its realistic kitchen environment, flexible gameplay, easy-to-learn controls, and multiplayer component, it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to sharpen their cooking skills.


The mobile gaming industry opens up many exciting possibilities to explore and develop your skills as an individual cooking enthusiast. The right game can make all the difference when it comes to honing in on your skills in the kitchen, no matter your specific taste or experience level. There are plenty of great options, from Cooking Mama, Good Pizza, Great Pizza to Cooking Simulator – whatever game you decide to try will be sure to provide a fun and interactive way to enjoy yourself and learn about delicious recipes in the process.


What are the prices of these games?

The prices of the cooking games vary, but most can be downloaded for free or at a low cost. Some titles may offer in-app purchases to upgrade your gaming experience.

Which type of game should I try first?

It all depends on what kind of gaming experience you’re looking for! Do you want to make pizza? Or do you want to create a complex dish from scratch? Cooking Mama offers an easy and fun way to learn basic cooking skills, while Good Pizza Great Pizza is great for those who like to perfect their baking. For more of a challenge, try Cooking Simulator – it’s the ultimate kitchen adventure!

What country is Cooking Mama?

Cooking Mama is from Japan, but it has been translated into dozens of languages and can be enjoyed worldwide.

What are the high scores for these games?

The high scores for each game depend on the individual player, their skills, and their creativity. However, some titles have leaderboards where players can compare their progress with others to see how they rank. 
You can challenge your friends to a virtual cook-off with Cooking Mama, Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

Is Cooking Mama OK for kids?

Cooking Mama is perfect for kids of all ages. It is easy to follow and provides an engaging introduction to basic cooking skills. The game also has a fun, friendly vibe that will keep your little ones entertained as they learn something new.

Do these games need wifi?

No, these games do not need wifi to run. You can play them offline or online, depending on your preferences. However, some may require a one-time internet connection for the initial download. So make sure you’re connected before downloading!

What are the in-game purchases available for these games?

In-app purchases vary depending on the game, but some titles offer extra lives and bonus features. Such as Cooking Mama offers additional recipes and kitchen tools that can be purchased with in-game currency.
On the other hand, good Pizza, Great Pizza offers different toppings and sauces to customize your pizzas. Cooking Simulator has a wide selection of ingredients, recipes, and decorations to upgrade your kitchen.

How do you advance in these games?

Cooking Mama, Good Pizza Great Pizza, and Cooking Simulator have levels and objectives you must complete to advance. In cooking, Mama, you can progress by completing recipes, while Good Pizza Great Pizza requires you to make pizzas of different sizes.
Lastly, Cooking Simulator will task you with creating various dishes, from classic cuisine to street food. As you complete each level, you’ll be rewarded with points and rewards that can be used to purchase items and tools. With each new level, the difficulty increases – giving you an extra challenge and motivation to improve at cooking.

What are some other fun cooking games?

Some other cooking games include Cooking City, Cooking fever, diner dash, cooking dash, food truck, cooking madness, and cooking fever.
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