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Best Must-Try Simulation Games

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of simulation games? Whether you want to experience the thrill of life-saving surgeries, embrace your inner mischievous goat, or cultivate your dream farm, we’ve got you covered! We’ve handpicked the best simulation games that offer immersive, entertaining, and sometimes downright quirky experiences. Let’s take a closer look at these must-try mobile simulations.

Operate Now Hospital – Surgery

Download Operate Now Hospital – Surgery for:

Become a Master Surgeon on Your Smartphone!

Have you ever dreamt of wearing a surgeon’s mask and saving lives in the operating room? Operate Now Hospital – Surgery lets you do just that. This simulation game puts you in the shoes of a skilled surgeon as you perform various medical procedures, manage your hospital, and make life-altering decisions. The realistic graphics and challenging surgeries make you feel like you’re on the front lines of a real hospital. With life-and-death situations at every corner, can you handle the pressure?

Key Features:

  • Realistic surgeries and medical procedures.
  • Build and customize your very own hospital.
  • Engaging storyline with intriguing characters.
  • Regular updates and new medical challenges.

Goat Simulator

Download Goat Simulator for:

Baa-rilliantly Bizarre Fun Awaits!

If you’re in the mood for some outlandish and unpredictable fun, Goat Simulator is here to deliver. This zany simulation game lets you step into the hooves of a mischievous goat with a penchant for causing chaos. Explore a world filled with absurd physics, perform ridiculous stunts, and wreak havoc on unsuspecting pedestrians. Goat Simulator is an offbeat and hilarious experience that defies all logic and will keep you entertained for hours.

Key Features:

  • Open-world sandbox filled with humorous surprises.
  • A wide range of goat customization options.
  • Unique and wacky achievements to unlock.
  • Endless opportunities for mayhem and laughter.

Farming Simulator 20

Download Farming Simulator 20 for:

Grow, Harvest, and Prosper on Your Digital Farm!

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a modern-day farmer, Farming Simulator 20 offers the most authentic farming experience on mobile devices. Take control of a variety of farming vehicles, plant and harvest crops, tend to your livestock, and build your agricultural empire. This game’s attention to detail and stunning graphics create a realistic and immersive farming world that will captivate enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Key Features:

  • A vast open world to cultivate and expand your farm.
  • A wide selection of realistic farming vehicles and equipment.
  • Raise and care for various farm animals.
  • Multiplayer mode for cooperative farming with friends.


Whether you’re drawn to the high-stakes world of medical surgery, the wild antics of a mischievous goat, or the peaceful and rewarding life of a virtual farmer, these simulation games have something for everyone. Operate Now Hospital – Surgery, Goat Simulator, and Farming Simulator 20 offer diverse experiences that showcase the breadth and creativity of the mobile gaming world. So, grab your smartphone, download these games, and embark on a simulation adventure like no other!

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