Editorial Policy

This privacy notice was last updated on 23rd September 2022.

When it comes to producing high-quality material, App-Tipps has strict editorial standards and a strong sense of integrity.

Each article undergoes a thorough quality check that involves cross-checking the information’s original source with other reliable web sources of a similar caliber, as well as reaching out to game developers when it comes to confirming controversial technical information on specific games.

While browsing this domain, you will encounter 4 main types of content related entirely to the world of mobile games and applications:

  1. Game and app reviews;
  2. Game guides;
  3. Game and technology news;
  4. Game comparisons.


App-Tipps works to deliver the purest content possible, with headlines that are entirely accurate, and for that, the content undergoes different tiers of quality inspection. Our ethics code means that whenever prior to reporting a story:

  • We always seek out verified data that is supported by reliable sources.
  • When we are the original source, we adhere to the fundamentals of ethical journalism.
  • When we are not the original source, we give the source credit.
  • Whenever we report on any leaks or rumors, we make sure to indicate them.
  • We steer clear of conflicts of interest, do not publish clickbait, and do not make sweeping generalizations merely to appear confident.
  • When people inquire about our accuracy, conciseness, or sincerity, we strive to answer every query.
  • When specifically requested, we adhere to sources’ requests for anonymity and remove any linking material.


Reviews of games on App-Tipps reflect the reviewer’s viewpoint, but the editorial staff as a whole is responsible for the website’s content. When we evaluate games, we make sure that:

  • Game and application reviews are accurate, truthful, and to the best of our knowledge, resources, and capacity.
  • The review scores are only related to game reviews and are never manipulated in any way. They represent an average between the application’s scores in the Google Play Store, Apple’s Store, and our internal grading system.
  • All games are assessed based on a number of factors, including gameplay quality, monetization, graphics, and music, among others. When a significant update of a game has been made, App-Tipps may re-review it and change the rating.
  • The maximum attained rating for any given game title is 5.0 points.
    • Games with a rating of 4.3 or more are very good, and everyone should at least give them a shot.
    • Games with ratings between 3.5 and 4.29 are considered to be good games.
    • Games with ratings between 2.0 and 3.49 are considered to be average games.
    • Games with ratings below 2.0 are considered terrible.


App-Tipps strives for information accuracy at all times and transparency when information has to be corrected. Therefore, as we want to be trustworthy, accurate, and authoritative, we make sure to highlight any corrections with the new information.

To give our readers a clearer view of the subject, we occasionally update the information that already exists.

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