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3 Games to Try if You Want to “Just Chill”

The heightened escapism offered by video games far outshines that of any other form of entertainment. However, with more titles saturating the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick the right one, and even more challenging when it comes to choosing a relaxing game to help you destress.

At the end of a taxing and stressful day, nobody wants to get scared by space monsters in Dead Space Remake or get taken out by campers in Warzone 2. All they want is to spend a quiet evening in the company of a relaxing game. If you’re that individual, then you’ve come to the right place. This article highlights three games that’ll help you loosen up and spend your well-earned evening in peace and tranquility.


Most games describe underwater exploration as a dangerous proposition. You’re always on a timer, frequently checking the oxygen meter and preparing yourself for a quick exit. There is also the fear of underwater monsters waiting to pounce on you around the next corner. There isn’t a calm moment where you can simply relax and enjoy the beauty that marine life has to offer.

However, Abzu is a game changer. It’s a manifestation of the imaginative underwater scenery we had as kids. The mesmeric waters are filled with colorful fish and cryptic ruins that speak of a long forgotten world filled with stories and adventures.

The game tries to capture the essence of scuba diving without the conventional timers and air gauges that people are used to. Abzu offers a more relaxed journey through the depths of the underwater world, filled with calming bliss in every aspect of its creation. Even the music has a unique flavor to it and pushes the narrative along alongside the exceedingly gorgeous visual environment.

The minimalist gameplay may not appear to be much, but once you embrace the beauty, you’ll find the depths to be warm and inviting rather than cold and shallow.


Download Journey for Android and iOS

Journey is a game of discovery. It’s the story of a traveler and their journey through life, expressed in the form of a voyage through a vast desert. In some ways, the game represents our own lives and how we navigate them through the daily challenges and turmoils.

It resonates on an emotional level. The smooth desert setting, coupled with the warm colors and serene audio, offers a great way to de-stress your mind. It also grants ample opportunity to reflect on your life choices.

When it comes to visual and sound design in interactive entertainment, Journey has managed to set new standards. But that alone doesn’t make it a great game. Thanks to the game’s expert storytelling and subtle direction, once you’ve played it, you’ll be left with an everlasting emotional effect that’ll last you a lifetime.


Download Gris for Android and iOS

The visually arresting world of Gris deals with complex themes of grief and loss. The story can be annoying at times since the game opts for symbolism over dialogue as a means of storytelling. However, you’ll be greatly rewarded if you decide to sit,tick through the early few minutes.

The story talks about a girl who has lost her voice and begins to roam the world without any purpose. The landscape morphs as she continues exploring it and this is where the game makes its mark. The clean, symmetrical design animation paired with an arresting orchestral score that captures the very nature of the change is oddly satisfying to watch and experience.

Gris is a treasure trove of audiovisual experiences and uses its levels as a canvas to express a wide variety of artistic styles, some of which are unique even by gaming standards. It’s the perfect game to lose yourself in, especially if you’re taking a break from real life troubles.

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