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Genshin Impact: Is It Still Popular in 2022? (Review)

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Amazing graphics and tons of different characters to choose from.

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Playing video games with an anime theme has always been one of my favorite past times as an otaku. However, this game came at the exact moment at the start of the epidemic, helping many other people and me pass the time during the coronavirus lockdowns in 2020.

Even if it wasn’t for the pandemic, though, never before have the stunning graphics, incredible character designs, and captivating audio captured my attention as much as they did with this game. However, since its humble beginnings in 2020, this game has come a long way. So, in 2022, should YOU play this game?

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Genshin Impact: Essentials

Chinese developers MiHoYo produced Genshin Impact, an online action role-playing game, in 2020. Because of the anime graphics and the adorable characters, this game gained immediate popularity.

You take on the role of the unidentified Traveler in this game who observes as their sibling is being taken by a godlike deity when the game begins. Depending on what gender you assign to the Traveler you selected to play with, this could be either your twin brother or sister. That gives the start to your new objective – to search the Tevyat continent for your missing sibling.


The fundamental gameplay loop has you exploring Teyvat and unlocking each zone as you go. In addition, you can complete numerous side missions while exploring these areas in addition to the main quests (also known as Archon Quests).

Your primary focus should be on completing these missions because you will get Primogems and upgrade materials for doing so. These resources can then be used to level up your characters’ abilities and their weapons. 

Primogems are used to grant wishes that provide you with additional characters and rare weapons.

You encounter numerous beasts, humans, and formidable bosses as you explore. Each of these foes has unique elemental strengths and weaknesses.

In the co-op mode of this game, other players can join your planet and vice versa. Low-level players, however, are unable to interact with high-level players. Genshin Impact also allows for cross-platform play, allowing mobile users to team up with PS4 and PC users if they so choose. As a result, none of your friends will be excluded.

Personally, I find the gameplay entertaining and exciting to keep me involved enough. The story quests felt novel, with highly animated sequences and brand-new tasks to complete each quest. However, because of their repetitious nature, doing the daily quests, Commissions, and ley line quests to earn my daily allotment of Primogems and upgrade materials seemed tedious after a while.

But what kept me coming back to this game day after day was the fluid fighting system. It felt good to defeat adversaries with basic moves that flashed. The smooth animations and effects made it feel very responsive to be able to evade strikes. It felt terrific to hack and slice at adversaries and to get critical hits with a well-placed headshot with my bow and arrows.

The flying and climbing gaming mechanics make it a blast to explore Teyvat. You can pretty much jump off every cliff you come across, and you can also scale any mountain’s peak. Simply pay attention to your stamina bar.

Game Atmosphere

The Genshin Impact map, Teyvat, is where you play the game. Teyvat is a stunning continent to explore. It is split up into several areas or nations, each designated by an element. Teyvat’s elemental countries include:

Barbatos is the ruler of the Anemo (wind) nation of Mondstadt.

This is the game’s starting area.

There are several beautiful, verdant valleys in this area, as well as Dragonspire, a frigid peak.

  1. Mondstadt: the Barbatos-led country of Anemo (wind). This is the game’s starting area. There are several beautiful, verdant valleys in this area, as well as Dragonspire, a frigid peak. 
  2. Liyue: Geo (earth), a country under Morax’s dominion. Therefore, this is the second nation to be included in the game. 
  3. Inazuma: Raiden Ei is the leader of the nation of Electro (lightning). The third new region to be included in the game is this one. 
  4. Sumeru: the realm of Dendro (nature), under Lord Kusanali’s control. This fourth country was included only recently in the game (August 24, 2022).
  5. Fontaine: The nameless God Of Justice is in charge of the country of Hydro (water). Yet to be released.
  6. Natlan: Murata is the ruler of the Pyro (fire) country. Yet to be released.
  7. Snezhnaya: The Tsaritsa is the ruler of the country of Cryo (ice). Yet to be released.


Otakus and anime viewers have grown significantly over time. Consequently, betting on it might be among the better choices miHoYo has made for this game. As a result, the game is more attractive and entertaining to play.

Whether on a mobile device or a PC, this game’s graphics look amazing at the highest settings and quality. I frequently stared at the game’s lush green plains and valleys from a distance.

Character models and spectacular movies are beautifully displayed thanks to the excellent graphics. For a game of this size, this achievement is astonishing.

Tech Compatibility

Are you interested in Genshin Impact but unsure if your system can support it?

Let’s examine their suggested specifications and devices as published on the official Genshin Impact website.


Supported devices:

  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad Pro (2nd generation) 12.9 inches
  • iPad Pro (2nd generation) 10.5 inches
  • iPad Pro (3rd generation) 11 inches
  • iPad Pro (3rd generation) 12.9 inches
  • iPad Pro (4th generation) 11 inches
  • iPad Pro (4th generation) 12.9 inches



  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810, and above
  • RAM: 4 GB and above
  • Recommended system: Android 8.1 and above


  • Compatibility requirements: Arm v8a 64-bit device
  • Memory: 3 GB and above
  • Supported system: Android 7.0 or above
  • Storage: Please reserve 8 GB of space

Genshin Impact: F2P or P2P?

Yes, this game is entirely free to play and includes freemium elements like in-game purchases. It is available for free download from the miHoYo official website as well as the Epic Game Store. 

However, the game does depend on Primogems to Wish or summon new characters or upgrades, and it tempts many players to buy more Primogems in order to obtain the desired upgrades. Still, a ton of in-game content offers opportunities to get Primogems, including through Quests, events, and more.

Review Summary

Genshin Impact is poised for success. Currently, this action role-playing game is one of the top free-to-play titles to date in the genre. In addition, the game continues to build fandom in 2022 as much as during the first year of its release, and possibly even years after that, thanks to its anime visual, quirky characters, and one of the best battle systems.

The creators of miHoYo have revealed in a public declaration that they have a 12-year road map for this game. Furthermore, new limited-time special events are also added with every update. In light of this, if you start playing now and enjoy the gameplay, this could result in years of consistent play.

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