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Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter: Is it worth it?

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Do you enjoy playing shooting, racing or FPS games? If so, the next game you should try is the Gunship battle Helicopter 3D. The moment you enter the game, you will find yourself into the realistic action game, which is filled with excitement you have never experienced before!

What is the game about? 

The Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D is a helicopter action game that creates an immersive combat experience. In the game, you are a helicopter pilot flying through the skies, across intense enemy crossfire. You are in charge of the most powerful combat helicopters in the world and must defeat your enemies. It is not as easy as it sounds! Once you enter the mission, you will see that every next one is more difficult. As a pilot, you will have to go through multiple missions and complete all of them successfully.

Players of the Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D love this game for its super realistic experience. The game combines the latest military information, flight simulations and 3D graphics technology. The missions are based on real-life events, making the game even more interesting and exciting for players.

Complete missions inspired by real-life conflicts  

If you want to have the best experience while playing the Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter, you should play on the episode mode. Each episode consists of several missions that are based on real-life conflicts. The story missions are created based on the actual stories from different conflicts and wars that took place in the world. When entering a mission on the Gunship battle 3D Helicopter, you will find yourself in a story that actually took place. You will be in charge of the mission and be able to control the development of events.

You will never get bored when playing the Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter. There are multiple episodes with missions, so you will not have to play the same story over and over again. When you finish playing one episode, you can level up and play more difficult ones. If you prefer, you can switch to the customized mission. You will get gold and various other rewards when you complete the mission. Collecting them will help you play the next missions better.

Select your helicopter  

The Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter is all about the combat helicopters. The game has a wide variety of aircraft you can choose from. Each of them comes with specific and unique characteristics. Choosing the helicopter is an important part of the mission. This is why the game offers the latest, and the world’s most powerful multipurpose and combat helicopters. You can always customize your helicopter and make it even more powerful with various weapons and devices. Turn your already powerful helicopter to a sky beast, and you will be able to surpass all your enemies!

Get armed with weapons and devices 

When you are up in the sky, battling with your enemies on the Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter, you need to be armed as a top combat pilot. You can always upgrade your equipment with various weapons and devices available in the game. Choose special equipment like radar and boosters, depending on the characteristics of your helicopter. Also, you can buy additional equipment with the gold and rewards you receive for successfully completing a mission. Paying with the gold acquired on the mission is the most common way to buy additional equipment, however, if you do not have enough of it, you can buy some in-game items with the real money.

The Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter gaming experience  

The Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter delivers superb and the most thrilling gaming experience to the players. The missions are based on real stories and create a realistic atmosphere. Once you start playing, you will feel like a real pilot in a combat helicopter! The combination of the flight control simulation, stunning 3D graphics, and a variety of fixed-wing VTOL and rotary combat aircraft make the game exciting for every player. Download the app from Google Play or App Store and try The Gunship Battle 3D Helicopter yourself, it’s free!

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