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Top 10 Mobile Learning Games to Improve Your Children’s Intelligence

Ten logos of top mobile learning games suitable for improving children's intelligence.

How might playing video games help you and your kids learn more? Well, the solution is right here. Although it may be difficult to imagine, playing the appropriate kinds and genres of games might actually improve your intelligence. These games can help you focus better and develop exceptional hand-eye coordination, among other things. While some sharpen your focus and advance your problem-solving abilities, some increase your memory and retention abilities.

You can improve your decision-making skills and quick thinking by playing video games. Although not all the games you play will have these characteristics, some games have been created to broaden the mind’s possibilities. But it’s a good idea to keep in mind that too much of anything may be hazardous, and even though playing these games hone your skills, playing for too long can be bad for your health.

#1: BrainHQ by Posit Science Corporation

The BrainHQ helps you create and achieve your mind-teaching goals, so it not only functions but also works for you. Like a private coach for your mind, each in-game exercise familiarizes you with your performance and becomes more interesting as your performance improves. The exercises are designed to fit into your lifetime; you can work out for 5 minutes during downtime or for an hour. 

The basic set of activities included in BrainHQ is available as a free download. 

In terms of systematic proof, no other mind training program can compete with BrainHQ. A few of the most prominent game features enclose:

  • Practical modifications such as enhanced retention and accelerated handling speed.
  • Real-world talents, including risk-free driving and a lower likelihood of depressive symptoms, and differences in the corporal mind, such as enhanced white matter and better-coordinated neurons. 
  • Each BrainHQ level may be completed in less than five minutes, so depending on your schedule, you can practice it in short bursts or for extended periods of time.
  • You can designate specific learning objectives and ask BrainHQ to provide you training summaries as needed. If you’d like, you may ask BrainHQ to precisely advise you on which exercises to perform first and in what sequence.

Additionally, BrainHQ is portable and can be used on almost any computer or smartphone.

#2: Elevate – Brain Training Games by Elevate, Inc.

These days, playing games might help you enhance your focus without the need for meditation or other forms of exercise. One such game that is accessible on the Android platform is Elevate. There are a lot of programs on the market, but Elevate stands out from the crowd because it enhances reading and writing skills in addition to attention span and mental acuity.

Playing it for a few minutes every day or every week will help you read more quickly, comprehend the material more clearly, and reduce the likelihood of making any spelling mistakes. This is a type of training regimen designed to improve both your memory and processing speed.

The participants can improve their cognitive abilities and precision by playing one of the more than 35 brainstorming games available. The most attractive feature of Elevate on PC is tracking progress because it encourages player involvement in the game. Customized daily training activities enhance the game’s uniqueness and simulate working with a personal trainer.

#3: Kami 2 by State of Play Games

We think Kami 2 is one of the cleverest brainteasers out there if you’re a gamer that enjoys solving puzzles a lot. With more than 100 hand-shaped puzzles, Kami 2 takes you on a mental journey that combines logic and problem-solving. It is a free game for iOS and Android that offers some reassuring, if frequently frustrating, puzzles. Its puzzles are a series of colorful and related triangles. To make the decorative screen in front of you, a single dense hue is the aim of each phase.

To accomplish this, you “splatter” pieces of the puzzle with colors by selecting them from the right side of the screen. Every stage must be completed in a predetermined amount of movements. First off, solving the problems is quite simple and somewhat amusing. But as the conflict progresses, adding more colors and gradually more challenging designs, Kami 2 becomes the brain-breaker increasingly. Kami 2 differs from the first in that it is virtually cost-free. There aren’t any paywalls or play-time restrictions in place. Instead, the paid essentials are limited to a hint system and a few options for the in-game riddle-making tool.

Kami 2 offers more than 100 levels to go through, regularly justified experiments, and a formation tool to create and share your own junctions. It’s almost impressive how much you get for free.

#4: Lumosity by Lumos Labs, Inc.

No matter your age or level of dexterity, Lumosity is aware that every brain is unique, and this package adapts to both your outstanding abilities and weakness. Lumosity transforms tasks that have been approved by science into entertaining games, helpful advice, and insightful discernments for your consideration.

To keep your dare, exercise with a fresh set of games every day. The preservation of your brain training practice is aided by comprehensive development tracing. The skills that are most important to you are what Lumosity focuses on:

  • Remembrance; 
  • Responsiveness;
  • Elasticity;
  • Processing Speed;
  • Problem Unravelling.

When you sign up, you must complete a “fit test” that uses three different games to assess your pace, attentiveness, and memory. Following the games, handlers are shown how their results compare to those of other handlers their own age. This provides insight into the cognitive abilities that require the most concentration. 

From this point on, Lumosity will send you a daily reminder to finish a brain “exercise.” Playing three minigames—five in the premium version—each focusing on one of the five cognitive goals constitutes the daily brain workout. In order to direct trains of different colors to the correct house in this game, the operator must change the path of the train tracks.

On Android and iOS, Lumosity is free to download, but subscribing to a premium subscription costs $11.99 a month or $59.99 for an entire year.

#5: Brain It On! by Orbital Nine Games

If you enjoy playing with the principles of motion and friction and enjoy tricky physics puzzles, then you must Brain It On! On that mobile screen, your brain cells and grey matter are put to the test. Think It Over! The game that is most suited for young Newtons, Plancks, and Einsteins is Physics Puzzles. The goal is to solve physics-based challenges and puzzles, which is a reasonably straightforward task.

Each level presents a new task that is relatively difficult to overcome, and there may be more than one way to get over a given obstacle because a player’s creative ideas are limitless. A player receives a maximum of three stars for completing the challenge.

A collection of 100 levels, some of which are sufficient to push a player to the limit of their creativity. Retro gaming can increase player addiction by evoking nostalgic memories in their minds. This game is one of the best brain exercises.

#6: Clockwork Brain Training by Total Eclipse Games

An excellent preset collection of brain training exercises with a solid Victorian flair. It’s lovely to meet someone who enjoys playing video games. A Clockwork Brain is a series of entertaining and challenging games that are specifically designed to test cognitive ability in five areas: retention, attention, cognitive, adroitness, and linguistic. 

Get ready for many mental tests as all riddles offer bite-sized, fast-marched gameplay and adaptive struggle! 

This distinguishes itself from any other new brain training label by having a distinctive, hand-coated appearance and texture that is influenced by Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art. You need to look no further if you enjoy puzzle games, are obsessed with brain fitness, or are simply looking for a fun and inventive way to pass the time and keep your brain in shape.

Your director, Sprocket, the sociable robot made by an android, will direct you and keep you interested in the game. Provide detailed weekly and monthly charts and in-depth information about your performance and development in games that test your memory, attention, cognitive ability, dexterity, and linguistics. You can also change your brain-training strategy and play at your own pace or against the clock.

Your speech abilities should be improved in 10 different languages, including Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, and many others. Determine how long you can survive in the viciously brutal Crazy Round in order to earn higher totals and greater daring. You have set up device syncing for evolution. Last but not least, there are no monthly payments or subscriptions necessary to enjoy this fantastic game.

#7: Prodigy Math: Kids Game by Prodigy Education, Inc.

Do you have a math addiction? Do you ever see numbers in your dreams? Do you notice any equations nearby? 

Thanks to this app, math is no longer repetitive and not attractive and will quench your appetite for maths. The best methods for teaching kids the enjoyment of math have been developed for this game. It is admirable to provide a free educational experience with such exciting aspects.

With Prodigy, you may practice math by manipulating numbers and equations without using the traditional way. The best thing about Prodigy is that the educational material available on the platform is engaging, practical, and simple enough for kids to understand. It is designed in such a way that every kid, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, can participate in the challenges and compete with other players.

Prodigy is an additional feature of this program that helps your child advance their mathematical abilities. The challenges follow the curriculum as planned for a quicker but still effective method of learning and problem-solving. Additionally, Prodigy on PC lets you play with your friends, which helps kids develop their competitive spirit and sense of collaboration.

#8: 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli

2048 is a single-player sliding tile puzzle video game played on a standard 44 grid. This game is an improved version of and stylistically similar to the iOS title Threes. The fundamental objective of the game is to link together correctly numbered tiles on a grid to create a tile with the number 2048; however, players can keep playing the game after achieving the objective of creating tiles with higher numbers.

A new tile with a value of either 2 or 4 unpredictably arises in an empty space on the board after every single shot. Tiles move as far down the chosen path as they can before becoming obstructed by another tile or the grid edge. When two moving tiles with the same number intersect, the combined value of the two colliding tiles becomes the new tile.

The resulting tile is incapable of fusing with another tile in the same move once more. The maximum possible tile is 131,072, and higher-scoring tiles emit a gentle light. The handler’s score starts at zero and is increased by the value of the new tile whenever two tiles merge. The game is finished when a 2048-valued tile appears on the board, giving rise to the game’s name.

#9: 100 Logic Games by Andrea Sabbatini

Are you disappointed that you can’t handle or complete Sudoku? Or perhaps you adore it but are thinking about changing it? These puzzle games give you similar mental workouts while being far more enjoyable and entertaining. Choose from progressively challenging and significant puzzle stages, save your progress, open it up, start over, and use the tips to keep going when 100 Logic Games has you stuck.

The puzzles include solving numerous mind-boggling puzzles, deciphering a castle code utilizing patterns on various armors, and creating impossibly complex figures. This is ideal for keeping kids occupied during long journeys and other quiet periods because it is full of colorful artwork and offers space to sketch, paint, and perform many tasks. Contains solutions so that children can play alone or with a friend.

A perfect companion for idle time, with enough variety, you’re sure to find at least one game you’ll love. The Intelligence Command sequence gives logic games that are designed to use your mind to its fullest, a sagacity of entertainment and vitality! The achievements will aid children in developing their capacity for intense problem-solving, creative thinking, and persistent attention. You do need to teach yourself how to solve the puzzles because they are not always simple to understand, but once you do, you can expect hours and hours of excitement that will keep your mind off of other things.

#10: Word Up Brain Game by ZingMagic Ltd.

Your hunt for a challenging yet enjoyable academic game is finished. Players who are eager to try their luck in word searches and want to keep themselves entertained for hours will find that Word Up Brain Game fits their needs. You must choose powerful words from a grid supplied in the game in order to finish the task. The grids increase larger, and the problems become more challenging as you progress through the challenges.

Your brain’s dopamine levels rise as your scores gradually rise, forcing you to quickly go from a beginner to a pro in this game. With no pressure or hurry, this game helps you develop your lateral thinking and puzzle-solving abilities in addition to your vocabulary. Learning new words is improved by five different types of grids.

A larger grid is used to test and put to use the knowledge of word relationships, starting with smaller grids for short and basic words and finally crossing the hurdles. Your ability to recall words instantly is improved by practicing verbal and nonverbal memory retention. Although every puzzle in the Word Up Brain Game for PC can be solved, very few players have succeeded in doing so.

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