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Traveloka app

Today travelling is easier than ever. With the booking platforms, you can choose the destination, purchase tickets, book a hotel and choose the activities you want to spend time doing in just one hour! The Traveloka app is all-in-one travel and lifestyle platform that allows users to plan their vacation and experiences. With it, you can book hotels, cheap tickets for flights, buses and trains, and plan your dream vacation!  

What can you do with the Traveloka app?  

Traveloka is not just a booking platform. It offers everything you need to consider before going on vacation. In this Traveloka review, we will discuss all the products and features of the platform, so you know what to expect when booking from the app.  

Plan your vacation  

With the Traveloka app on your mobile phone, you do not need any other apps to plan your dream vacation. Traveloka offers tickets for more than 100,000 domestic and international flights and partners with the leading airlines around the world. The number of flight routes and the wide choice of delightful vacation destinations makes Traveloka the go-to app for holiday planning.  

If you do not know where you want to go next, you can directly choose the destination from the app and buy tickets in just a few minutes. The app offers the best prices for the flights and has a price alert feature. It will notify you when the prices for the flight you want to book are available, so you will never miss it!  

On the Traveloka app, you can find cheap tickets to the popular destination, not only for a flight but for the trains and busses too. You can view the best hotels, apartments, and villas on the app and book them directly. There are multiple accommodations available for every destination, and you can always find the place you like the best.  

Make your travelling experience easier  

When you are booking your flight and stay with the Traveloka app, you do not have to worry about the logistics. You can book the airport transfer right from the app, rent a car and even get the insurance for international destinations! You can get the personal accident coverage, medical expenses coverage and baggage loss protection. With the travel add-ons, the app offers, you can go for the vacation carefree, without worries.  

Find unforgettable experiences  

The Traveloka app has an enormous list of the experiences you can choose from based on the destination. There is everything you might want to do when you are on your holidays. Find the best attractions, entertainment destinations, spa centres and beauty salons, best activities for yourself and your kids. Do you want to try a new hobby? or immerse yourself in a local culinary experience? There is always something for every taste! You can save money with limited-time special offers and discounts.  

The easy and comprehensive search is one of the best Traveloka features. You can search for the experiences and activities near the destination you are visiting. Check the price of the activities, reviews of the place, available days and hours, features, pictures and facilities the place has. The app offers all the details of the activities and highlights the best features, so you won’t miss the best experiences when you are there! 

Traveloka payment methods 

To accommodate the needs of international travellers, Traveloka has multiple payment partners. You can complete your payment with bank transfer, credit cards, and over the country payments. The platform also offers an option for users to buy first and pay later. Traveloka PayLater option comes without the additional fees, such as advances, or annual fees. Users can purchase a variety of Traveloka products and pay for them by arranging the payments 1-12 months later.  

When you buy the Traveloka app products, you will receive the e-tickets and vouchers directly in your inbox. You will not have to carry papers with you and worry about losing them. They will be at your fingertips on your mobile phone.  

Explore the world around you with the Traveloka app   

As the Traveloka app review shows, the app is a great tool to plan your next vacation. With the help of it, you can decide where you want to go, book the flights, choose the stay and plan how you will go there from the airport. Purchase the tickets for the experiences and activities in advance and have everything ready for exploring the new destination! Download the Traveloka app from the Google Play or App Store and get ready for exploring the world around you!  



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