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Among Us: The Party Game That Took The World by Storm

Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Orange and Purple game characters in Among Us.

Great game, but horrible people onboard.

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In 2018, Among Us was released to little notice from online gamers. Now, two years later, the game is one of the most popular after exploding on Twitch, YouTube, and multiple social media channels.

The game has become so popular that videos have compiled millions of views on YouTube just a few hours after being posted of players enjoying the game. At this point, you may be wondering, what is Among Us and why is it taking the world by storm?

Getting to know Among Us?

The online game is rated for seven-years-old and up and can be played by multiple persons. Among Us can be played by as many as 10 players at one time and is similar to classic party games Mafia and Werewolf. Players must determine who is an imposter among a group of Crewmates on a spaceship. If you can determine which players are the Crewmates and which is an Imposter, then you win the game.

The Imposter has sabotaged the menial jobs Crewmates must do on a spaceship. In addition to sabotaging the tasks, the Imposter kills the Crewmates while they complete tasks. For the most part, the Imposter stalks the Crew members, attempting to kill them. Meanwhile, the Crew must decide on which player is the Imposter.

If the Crew can decide on the player that is the Imposter, this person is then removed from the spaceship and sent through the airlock into the black abyss of space. Of course, the Crew can send the wrong person into outer space.

Why is Among Us suddenly so popular?

The game has grown in popularity thanks to promoting life skills. Players must communicate with each other online and work as a team to accomplish their goal of locating the traitor among them. Players also receive a rush when playing as the Imposter as they try to convince other players that they are not the traitors of the crew.

The game is mostly about communication and working together. It is a chance for players to interact with one another. Among Us’s gameplay is rather simple and easy to understand. It isn’t just the game’s ability to promote life skills to kids that have led to its popularity.

Among Us reached the top online game streaming charts thanks to famous gamers, YouTubers, and Twitch users playing it. Combined with a low price-point to get the game on PC and it being great for social distancing, Among Us has reached unexpected levels. Unbelievably, according to Twitch, between August and October 2020, more than 25 million hours of the game were streamed on the platform.

The social interaction makes Among Us is ideal during a time in which kids are unable to spend time together. Unfortunately, Among Us may not have the staying power of other online games. Why? It is very simple and after a while, players can get burnt out. In addition, once social distancing rules are reduced, kids won’t need to rely on online games to communicate with others.

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