Bradesco: All financial services and products in one app!

The Bradesco app

The day when we all had one bank account is long gone. Now we have several accounts, various bank cards and online wallets that we use for purchasing things online and offline. We also use more financial products and services we use on a daily basis. Sometimes, it can get too much as we have to control different accounts and take care of our finances on various mediums. The Bradesco app is to make your life easy and your financial planning and management simplified.

What is Bradesco?

Bradesco is a Bradesco bank application that allows you to manage your finances better. With the Bradesco app, you can manage your bank accounts and receive all kinds of financial services on the one single app. The best thing about the app is that it allows you to access your bank account without spending credit or internet for your cell phone!

There is a big list of the services you can get via the Bradesco app. First things first, you can have unlimited access to your bank accounts. You can see balances, latest launches, and future releases. It allows you to stay in control of your finances all the time. You can check the limit on your credit card and pay your bills on time with the help of the app. With the app, you can pay all kinds of bills, make money transfers, recharge a prepaid cell phone. You can even take a loan and see insurance and pension plans. But that’s not all. Let’s check what else you can do with the app in this Bradesco app review.

Choice of various account types

Bradesco account gives you access to complete solutions in financial services and products. Users of the app can create a salary account, individual or joint accounts and saving accounts. In addition to that, The Bradesco app offers specific, click accounts to the people up to 17.

You can choose between an individual or joint account and open the one that you will use the best. The Bradesco app account allows you and other holders to use the account individually or together.

If you want to open a savings account you can do it too. Bradesco app allows users to create savings account which is linked to the already existing account or open the new one for savings only.

Click accounts are for young people up to 17 years only. It is a great option for people who are not eligible to open standard bank accounts yet, due to the age. It can help young people to manage money digitally, without carrying cash all the time. On this particular account, people can get their monthly allowances to use them for day to day spendings. Users can get the chequebook if they are already 16; Get scheduled allowance on the account, use the money for paying bills on mobile, and use account in multiple establishments in Brazil.

Besides the account types listed above, the Bradesco app offers a special account for the university students, INNS Beneficiary account for pensioners and retirees, and an international account.

Credit options

Having an account on the Bradesco app is very convenient, especially when you need extra money. Bradesco offers different options for credits to individuals and businesses. You can get any different types of credits for various purposes, such as real estate credit, consigned or university credit. You can also get vehicle financing or credit for construction materials. On the Bradesco app, you can also get a personal credit limit which is pre-approved with up to 48 months to pay.

With Bradesco, you can even renegotiate your debt with different channels, such as internet banking, internet banking, the Bradesco app, self-service, or the call centre.

Other financial services

The app gives you access to the other financial products and services, such as investments, insurance, real estate auctions, pensions and more. It is why the Brodesco app is so popular. With it, you can access your bank accounts, open and manage different accounts, have access to insurance and pension plans and more. All the financial services or products you might be interested in are at your fingertips!

Is the Bradesco app safe?

The Bradesco app features make it a wonderful tool for every individual to have all the financial services together and manage them better. However, when you are dealing with finances in the digital world, the first and the most important thing you need to consider is safety. As a user, you need to make sure that wherever you are opening an account or whatever app you use for finances is completely safe and secure.

Users of the Bradesco app do not have to worry about online scam. The app is completely secure, and with the safety features, you can make it even more unassailable. You can set up a mobile or electronic token, card (TAN) code, and some other security keys.

Open account on the Bradesco app without a fee!

There are a lot more things that you can do with the Bradesco app. Make sure to learn about all the useful financial services and features that the app has to offer. If you find that the app is what you need for banking and managing your finances better, download it from App Store or Google Play. There is a good reason to open a Bradesco app account! All users who will open an account through the app in the classic 1 service basket until 31 December 2020, will be exempted from the 1st annual credit card fee!



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