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Horizon Chase – World Tour


Horizon Chase is an arcade-style racing game that is getting popular in the gaming world. The game has skyrocketed to the top of Apple’s app store. The retro-stylish race game offers a campaign with than over 70 unique tracks and 16 cars all for the low premium price of $2.99. As a player, you have several turbo boosts per race, manage your fuel and pick up tokens that help you unlock future levels.

Tips and Tricks for Playing the Game


Don’t Forget to Brake

It’s easy to just hold down that acceleration button the entire race and hope you can nail the turns. However, there are definitely going to be races where you need to brake when turning. You also don’t want to brake too much otherwise you might end up far or you will end up way too far behind the rest of the racers. Just try to brake for only a second right as you’re hitting a sharp turn, and re-accelerate once you’re halfway through the turn.

Use NOS appropriately

You get a minimum of three NOS boosts per race, and these are really essential in the race. NOS should be used on long straight paths, so in other words, you should avoid using it when a sharp turn is coming up. Although certain turns are not as intense, and you can potentially make it through them during a NOS boost, it makes it a lot harder to dodge any other cars that might be in your way. To get maximum use out of your NOS, wait until your speed drops back down to its normal maximum before using another boost.

Certain vehicles for certain tracks

Use appropriate vehicle for each track Layout. If there is a lot of straight roads and wide turns, use your fastest vehicle. For races with many sharp turns, use the ones with good acceleration and handling. This might not be the most important piece of advice, but it can help give you that extra edge on a race you are struggling to get first place in.

Take Caution when passing

Bumping into the back of another car can be a recurring event that really slows you down. Take extra caution when coming behind another car. Wait for a gap to open and take it, rather than trying to squeeze into a small space and getting smacked back into the last place while the top five starts creating a lot of space between themselves and the rest of the cars.

Unlock Bonus Races as Soon as Possible

When the racing bonus appears, do not start any other you have tried at least once. You will get a performance boost for your vehicles by finishing second and third depending on the race, and if you manage to win, you get a new vehicle. Therefore, Because of this, you should try to try to unlock more bonuses races as quickly as possible.




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