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Tips & Tricks to ‘King of Avalon’

King of Avalon game cover.

King of Avalon is a Free-to-Play strategy/MMO whose lore is based on Arthurian legend. King of Avalon offers a chance to build an army and a city to wage war against monsters and other enemies. There are lots of buildings to upgrade and erect including sawmills and farms, hospitals and military tents, and also an embassy and even a wishing well. You can train troops in three different buildings. As you level up, you will unlock up to ten types of cavalry, bowmen and infantry. In addition, there are numerous siege weapons and traps to construct.

Tips and Tricks for playing King of Avalon

  1. Attacking superior city

There is a city having more power than your whole empire. You must know that such city exists so that you can have patience until you find it. Attacking a superior city with even more powers will provide you more points if compared to attacking the empire. You must understand that there is a specific way to attack the superior city and you must observe that this specific way is the only best way to attack the superior city. This is where you show your skills and patience in the game.

  1. Having more gold coins means constant progress

When you have the constant flow of fund in the form of coin, you’ll be able to keep your character alive in a convenient way. You can buy clothes and defense system to live the best possible life in this mobile game. You have to buy new coins if you have real money or, you will wait for some time for the gold coins to come to you as you pass on the levels by completing them. Gold coins become more essential while buying different power ups.

  1. Covering Blind spots

When you are building a defense system, there might be some loopholes or shortcomings in your defense system. Such loophole or shortcoming might be the area where your system of defense could not reach. Such areas are called blind spot and your defense system doesn’t have a range in the blind spot. As far it is possible, such blind spots should be covered with care to prevent the enemies from damaging the buildings.

  1. Build stables at the beginning

If you have more horses than others, then you already have an edge over your opponent. So, try to build stables as much as possible. But don’t use all your gold in building stables because you may need more gold for other task as well.

  1. Hoarding food and wood

Hoarding can be one of the effective techniques to win in the mobile game. You can hoard the food and wood that you’ve collected to provide this item to your army at the time of the battle.

Pros and cons of the game


  • Detailed 2D graphics.
  • PvP-focused gameplay.
  • Customizable heroes and dragons.


  • Pay-to-win elements.
  • Generic gameplay.
  • No battle graphics.

In conclusion, King of Avalon is in no way an offensively bad or broken game.

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