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Spectrum News app

Local news is irreplaceable. While we all have access to national news, it hardly covers the local stories that concern your community. Local reports let you know about the representatives of your local community; institutions, and people, with whom you have or might have direct contact or business in the future. You can get the information and stories that concern your local community with the Spectrum News app.

Get local news on the Spectrum News app

With Spectrum News you can get all local news on one platform. The app offers curated news stories made by the Spectrum journalists, as well as local partner publications. You can always stay up to date and get information from different sources. You can browse different articles that will help you understand the local issues better. The platform also offers interactive maps and infographics to visualize the issues in an enhanced way. Apart from it, you can watch videos and exclusive series offered by Spectrum News. 

With the Spectrum News app, you will be the first one to know about your local breaking news and big events that are happening in your community. The app also features the latest local weather and interactive radar maps.  

Last but not least, you can listen to the original podcasts that discuss the stories happening in your area directly from the app. The Spectrum News really is the all-in-one platform for getting your local stories.  

Follow topics you are interested in 

If you want to make your news experience better and more personalized you can curate the news and see more of what matters to you. You can filter all news by categories and browse the news that you are interested in more. If you want to learn more about your local politics, you can visit the relevant topic. Similarly, you can check out the education, health, transit and more categories on the Spectrum News app.  

Where can I watch Spectrum news?   

If you are a Spectrum customer you can let the app know which area you are interested in. Spectrum will directly customize your experience with the stories and information concerning your community. It is a great way to customize your news experience. With this, you will never miss interesting and important news that matter to your community.  

Spectrum News provides local news in the following regions: New York City, Upstate New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Texas, and California. Simply choose your region and get to know all the relevant news! Download the Spectrum News app from Google Play or App Store and enjoy free access for 30 days! 



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