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Tips & Tricks to Master ‘Word Cookies’

Word Cookies main screen and rank-up screen.

Word Cookies is a new anagram-style word puzzle game from the team at Bit Mango. In Word Cookies, you will uncover words based on the letters provided to you. Each level has you guessing multiple words of differing lengths; to guess them, you must swipe your finger along the letters contained in the correct order to form a word.

There are over 580 levels at your disposal, each getting harder and harder. In the earlier stages, you will only need to guess words of 2 to 3 letters in length, but as you get to the later stages, you will be up against words consisting of up to 7 letters. Word Cookies are a true challenge and will test even those of us who have the best vocabulary.

A Helpful Word Cookies Cheatsheet

  1. Shuffle Before Hints

As you contemplate those last words from a plate, you will notice the “Hint” button start to jiggle, trying to tempt you with its sweet assistance. It might seem like a good idea to spend just a little coin to make it through that word, but it is at this moment that you should be mashing that “Shuffle” button like there is no tomorrow. Once you make it six and 7-letter cookie pans, you will be glad you saved your gold. Also, make sure you log in every day to earn free coins and complete all bonus levels for gold.

  1. Use The Tiles

The empty tile grid can often provide hints as you start to fill it in with words. There seemed to be a general trend that boards would list the words in groups according to their first letter. While it was not always the case as boards became more complicated, there were many times this tactic worked as an ad hoc hint.

  1. Time Is On Your Side

With neither bonuses nor penalties for a time, you can spend the time to figure out a puzzle. Leaving the board and coming back is a great way to get a fresh perspective on it without having to spend coins for hints.

  1. Not All Words Work

Be aware that we encountered some common words that were not accepted, such as “his” and “tad.” Informal or shortened words were inconsistently recognized, e.g., “temp” and “rev” were allowed, whereas “lab” was not. Save yourself some frustration, and just know it is not you; it is the game.

  1. Watch Out For Obscure Words

We repeatedly encountered a handful of relatively obscure words, which caused some difficulty, especially for non-Scrabble players. Look out for “bier,” which the Germans drink, but a stand for a corpse, a coffin. “Erg” is apparently a unit of energy and work equal to some number of joules. “Cine” is an adjective in British English referring to something related to cinematography.

  1. Mind Over Matter

Do not get psyched out by more letters or advancing to more “difficult” boards. Most levels with a larger plate of cookies still predominantly rely on 2- and 3-letter words. Yes, you’ll need to know one or two long words, but there are no extra letters, so once you have that one long word, you will be focusing on making short ones. Go through all rhymes in your head. If there is an S on the plate, try to make your shorter words plural. If you have already found some words that start with a vowel, try to add a consonant. All of your spelling game tactics will also work here (as long as the word you come up with isn’t on their blacklist).

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