Jassby: Money management app for the family

The Jassby app

As a parent, you manage your kids’ money, but it is time to teach children about money management and financial responsibility. The Jassby app is the perfect tool to do that. It is a convenient, free, secure and easy-to-use app for families to manage monthly allowances, chores, budget and reward children for accomplishments. In the Jassby app review, we will reveal how you can use the app to teach kids about money management while being in full control of their spendings.

What is the Jassby app?

Jassby is an app for the whole family. It is a great tool to create a budget for your children and assign a daily, weekly or monthly allowance. Parents can assign chores and set a reward for completing it. Children can earn extra money for doing chores, save it or spend it in the shops right in the app. Parents have access to financial statements. They can see where what did their children buy, when and for how much.

Most importantly, the app is well secured. It uses encryption technology and biometric authentication so that unauthorized users cannot access your account. Your family payment information is confidential, and the app never shares it with credit bureaus or retailers. Let’s review what you and your family members can do with the app in details.

Set an allowance and reward kids

Every kid wants to be independent, earn money and spend it the way they want. The Jassby app allows you to help your children earn and manage their own money, while you still have full control over it. You can set daily, weekly or monthly allowance for your kids and lead them to the path of independence and financial responsibility.

Kids can earn money by helping you with household chores. You can set a reward for completing chores and assign them to your children. For example, you can set a 5 USD reward for helping you in making dinner or washing dishes after it. Children can also request chores to earn little extra! You can even set rewards for achieving goals or getting good grades at school. Your children will learn about the value of money and will have incentives to study better at school and help you at home. If you have several children, they can team up earn, save and spend money together.

Budget and save money

With the Jassby app, your children will be more motivated to learn about money management and savings. You can create budgets and allocate money for your kids to spend on food, school, clothing or general use. The app allows you to transfer funds from one budget to another and encourage kids to save money.

Have the best shopping experience for your family

Your children can spend money securely on the app. Jassby has a wide selection of curated shops. It has a variety of categories such as books, phone accessories, gaming, food, cosmetics, apparel and others. They are regularly updated to offer the best shopping experience for your family. Jassby carefully selects the stores that are available on the app, and parents can also approve which shops should be accessible for their kids. It has hard-coded hundreds of keywords to ensure that kids are not buying age-restricted or illegal merchandise.

Track how your children spend money

As a parent, you might be worried about where and how your children are spending money. With the Jassby app, you do not have to worry about your kids’ spendings. The app gives you full information about your family’s account activity. You can always check the financial statements and see what did your children purchase, when, and for how much. Jassby allows you to see the shopping history of your kids, as well as seasonal categories. You can see what your children are interested in and even use this information to buy the right gifts for them!

Teach kids money management with the Jassby app

The Jassby app is a perfect tool to manage your kid’s finances, teach your children the value of money and help them learn money management. The app has high security, is convenient and free to use! Download it from the app store today and lead your kids to the path of financial independence.



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