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UrbanflixTV app

UrbanflixTV is the newest streaming service, which launched on May 1. This subscription-based platform is “dedicated to presenting great content that reflects the beauty and power of the diverse world around all of us”, as they put it themselves.

UrbanflixTV app

The streaming platform has a robust slate of scripted series, unscripted shows, feature and short films, documentaries, and plans to release new original and acquired content on a regular basis.

UrbanflixTV is committed to original stories that make people think, laugh and cry. Each month, they have set to deliver a wide array of high-calibre multi-cultural content with a fresh slate of scripted and unscripted programming to their viewing audience.

UrbanflixTV app

Some of the great features of Urbanflix TV

Speaking of subscriptions, UrbanflixTV comes in cheaper than your average streaming services at $4.99 a month. You can also subscribe for a full year at $49.99 which would actually get you 2 months for free. Of course, you get a 7-day free trial to see if you’re feeling the content and are actually up for it.

UrbanflixTV proudly features original programming and exclusively acquired content that embraces the innate desire people have to not only relate to what they watch but also appreciate and learn about the distinctive lives, experiences and perspectives of others. Setting itself apart, UrbanflixTV is the home of entertaining, unique stories and content with diverse casts, storytellers and themes, which should make it all the more accessible to different countries.

UrbanflixTV is accessible on multiple platforms including iOS devices, Android devices, Mac, and PCs, as well as streaming media boxes like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player.

Among the New Scripted Shows on The Streaming Service Are “Howard High” And “Casting the Net”.

Howard High 

Howard High focuses on a school that is in trouble; it’s about to be shut down for having the lowest ranking in the state. The newly appointed principal Frank King (Brian White from Moonlight, Beauty and the Beast and Ambitions) enlists Michael Kirsh (Marques Houston from Sister, Sister and UPtv movie Marry Us for Christmas) to revive the Performing Arts Music Program.

Among the talented ensemble cast is Dorien Wilson (The Parkers and In the Cut) and Shondrella Avery (Napoleon Dynamite and Domino) as well as newcomers Mila J, Deonte “Dizzy” Jackson, Ray Ray and Chrissy Stokes.

Casting the Net 

Casting the Net centres on Cassie (Linara Washington, who has appeared in episodes of NCIS, Castle and Grey’s Anatomy), Holly (The Young and the Restless alum Sienna Goines), and Sharice (relative newcomer Apryl Jones) are three talented actors who are looking to make their big break.

Feeling “played” by Hollywood, the women clap back and recruit their casting director friend Mabel (Ella Joyce from the popular 90’s comedy Roc) to put out a fake casting call for a “black female Western” film. What began as a publicity stunt meant to up their social media clout ends up giving them a bit more than they auditioned for.

UrbanflixTV is available ad-free 24/7 for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year. You can try a complimentary 7-day trial period by signing up



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