Vedantu: Keep learning online with the award-winning app

The Vedantu app

Now it is a great time to learn something new or widen our knowledge of various subjects. The lockdown we are all experiencing might be harder for children at schools. Like all services, schools are closed too, meaning that the vast majority of children are not able to receive an education. While some schools are offering online classes, not all of them have the same capacity to do so. The Vedantu app is a great solution for digital learning for school kids, especially at times like this.  

What is the Vedantu app?  

Vedantu is one of the best online learning platforms in India. In fact, it was a user choice in best app awards 2019 in the category of essentials by Google. It focuses on school kids and offers lessons in different subjects for the classes from 1 to 12. The shortlist of the lessons that the Vedantu app offers includes: 

  • Maths for grades 1-10 
  • English for grades 3-10  
  • EVS for grades 3-5 
  • Science & SST for grades 6-10  
  • PCMB for grades 11-12 

That’s not all it also offers co-curricular courses for different grades. Every child can find something interesting for themselves. Thay they can start learning and master during this lockdown and after it. The Vedantu app offers classes in coding, photography, grammar, turbo maths and many other exciting and interesting subjects.  

Why Vedantu?  

the app has in-built technology for the platform WAVE that enables the live interactive learning experience. It makes learning with the Vedantu app easier and more fun. The app offers LIVE in-class unlimited doubt solving to make the lessons even more dynamic. It also ensures that students have an effective concept of the learning experience.  

LIVE-in classes that the Vedantu app offers also has live quizzes. They are gamified which makes it more engaging. During the quizzes, students can see the leaderboard, that encourages them to outdo themselves and get better results.  

Last but not least, the app has a hotspot feature. With the help of it, the app captures student’s responses in real-time. Enabling teachers to see how well the students are understanding the lessons.  

Features of the Vedantu app 

The features of the app, that make it an incredible source of education does not stop here. Let’s discuss what you can do with it.

Attend live video lectures for classes 1-12   

As explained, with the Vudantu app, you can attend various video lectures for classes 1-12. You will have access to the lessons from the best teachers in India. There are many lessons specifically for you to help you prepare for your exams. You can prepare for IT JEE, JEE, both main and advanced, KVPY, NEET, NTSE, olympiad, or boards exam. 

Get access to complete study package 

Vedantu offers live videos, but with it comes the complete study package to help you learn. The study package includes syllabuses for each of your class, homework help and even sample papers! You will have everything you need for learning effectively.  

Take part in all India mock tests for free 

Use the app to prepare for the exams. The most important part of passing exams is to practise. You can do it on the Vedantu app too! The app offers multiple mock tests for various abovementioned tests to help you be ready for the real tests.  

Now you can access Vedantu app for free!  

Vedantu understands the importance of affordable education. Especially when times are this hard and not many children have access to the quality education provided by schools. It is why you can now access to the premium content too, for free! Download the Vedantu app from Google Play or App Store today and never stop learning! 



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