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Apex Legends Mobile: Tips to Get Better

Gaming has been revolutionized over a single night by Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, which debuted with no warning and became wildly successful almost immediately. The game attracted 10 million players in just 72 hours of its launch.

In such mayhem, it is only normal that beginner players might feel confused or even intimidated by the number of players, let alone the gameplay and the game mechanics.

Having said that, if nothing unexpected happens, Apex Legends Mobile will likely be the biggest mobile game release of 2022. So, here are seven suggestions to help you navigate through the crowd, gain tactical advantage and get better results in-game.

Explore the Legends

The unique characters, referred to as legends, are arguably the most marked contrast between Apex Legends and its Battle Royale competitors. As soon as you make your way to your first game, you can start a matchmaking session with any of the six available legends. Still, two of them are locked at launch and can only be unlocked with earned or paid-for cash. But don’t think about those two right now. Instead, start exploring each of the others. 

There is no better way to learn than by trying them out for yourself. Understanding what each accomplishes helps you know what to expect when you see one on the battlefield. You can use it to choose which legend best fits your personality or one you simply enjoy playing the most. Every legend has a unique passive ability, tactical ability, and ultimate ability, all of which have a significant impact on how they should be used. 

Master your movement

The game makers of Apex Legends Mobile used the iconic mobility algorithm Respawn developed for Titanfall 1 and 2. We’re talking crouch sliding. But although crouch sliding is, by any chance, not a new game mechanic, Apex does it better than any other game. 

Pro Tip:
Playing as the Pathfinder, you should shoot your tactical into the ground and finish it with a slide to gain speed. It takes practice, but you'll have no trouble outwitting foes once you get the technique down. 

Spend some time on the shooting range experimenting, adding jumps before or after slides. 

Also, make sure to configure your controls prior. Both controller compatibility and a control editor are available in Apex Legends Mobile. This not only helps you become comfortable with Apex’s layout but also enables you to get started right away and place elements where you need them for success on the screen.

Know your weaponry

Studying the weaponry is perhaps as crucial as learning the legends, if not more so. So when you’re fresh, it’s worth spending a moment to read the game’s concise summaries of each.

Apex has a plethora of weaponry to pick from, and you will have favorites. However, you should not overlook the guns you despise. Go to the range and practice with each firearm until you understand how they work. Because this is a battle royale, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck with a gun you don’t like at the start of the contest. 

When an enemy unexpectedly appears in front of you, you’ll know what to grab and which to employ. 

Pro Tip:
Pay close attention to the red weapons, which may only be obtained through care packages. These strong firearms come with limited ammo, so it's best to discover their idiosyncrasies at the firing range rather than in the heat of battle.

Ping for the win

One of Apex Legends’ best features is its clever map marking system. You may mark the map or any spot you’re interested in, just like in other battle royale games, but it’s much more robust here. 

You may call out enemy locations by double-tapping the ping button. It is a convenient alert notification for your squad, so you don’t have to shout out annoying directions describing where to look. You may also hold down the ping button to share where you want to loot and whether another team has previously looted a spot. Finally, you can look at other players’ pings and claim their treasure by marking it for yourself. 

The ping system is a versatile, streamlined approach that begs why it hasn’t been in every battle royale since the beginning.

Avail the Respawn Beacon System

Players will start to crawl around after being struck down, just like in other battle royale games. You can revive your fallen teammates in either of the two ways:

  1. Getting close to them, interacting, and bringing them back to life at the cost of being immobile during the process; or suppose you cannot revive them before their knockdown timer expires or an adversary completes the kill
  2. You can still bring them back into the game if you collect the banners from their bodies mid-fight or after the fight if you get them to one of the many respawn beacons dispersed over the map. In that case, your teammates can respawn – dropped in from an airship and prepared to continue playing – which means they get to live to fight another day instead of sitting idle until the end of the match.

Favor larger health kits

In Apex Mobile, there are five health-related items:

  1. Syringes;
  2. Medical Kits;
  3. Shield Batteries;
  4. Shield Cells; and 
  5. The Phoenix Kit.

You can keep four Syringe and Shield Cells in one inventory slot, which can be used quickly. The drawback is that they only partially restore shields or health, and you want to reach 100% as soon as possible in a fight. Therefore, ensure you have some Shield Batteries and Medkits.

They take longer to use, and you can only carry two in each slot, but overall they are faster than utilizing several Cells or Syringes to accomplish the same task. 

Pro Tip:
Be strategic when healing. Utilizing a Cell to restore your shields to full strength if they are just 75 percent depleted is acceptable, but using a Battery if your shields are significantly depleted is the wiser course of action. 

Practice makes perfect

Other apparent tips, like making your shots, will be left out. But seriously, make your shots. 

Ultimately, you just want to spend some time practicing. But, even if it’s not the most fascinating place in the game, you will benefit in the long run.

Also, make sure you have fun in the game and make friends. There is no single shooter where you will be better off playing alone than with a team. Outside the game, some resources can be used to find new teammates. For example, there are a few Reddit LFG subreddits for this game on Reddit that are worth looking around.

Feel free to share your tips with us. 

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