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Tips & Tricks to ‘Astronest’

Astronest The Beginning: Colonize New Planets.

Astronest is a hybrid strategy game that takes place in outer space. You have to level up and upgrade your ships and planet to build a massive empire. It is free to play with optional in-app purchases.

In this game, you have control over a fleet, a planet, and a bunch of resources. You collect more resources, upgrade everything and go on campaign missions. The game has two different story lines depending on which path you take. Each gives different bonuses. There is very little actual gameplay as you will spend the majority of your time managing your fleet and your planet.


Tips for playing the game

  1. War.

The first thing to realise about Astronest is that although it is a war simulation you do not get to do the much direct fighting.

Instead, you must deploy your fleets into battle, having first equipped them with a weapon, armour, and items load out with a suitable Hero to command them. The real battle happens before the first shot is fired so careful planning, research, and canny upgrades are essential to victory.

  1. Do not be shy about claiming what is yours

Always check for daily achievement and rewards. You can gain valuable bonuses this way, but the game will not give them to you unless you check yourself.

Keep an eye on the main menu screen for an exclamation mark over Mission List and Notifications (the ‘tick box’ icon) and Notices and Daily Bonuses (the ‘keyboard’ like icon at the top of the screen) for uncollected boosts.

  1. Manage your human resources

Be selective when hiring your heroes.Ranked S Heroes have specialist skills and these are worth seeking out. Pumping resources into training these heroes will pay dividends, but just as important is deploying your heroes correctly.

If your hero has a skill with particular weapon types (e.g. Missile Combat), then you will receive hefty bonuses for letting them use those skills in battle. Boost your research facilities until you can develop a weapon of their favoured type and install in the fleet they command immediately.

You might also want to try a little positive discrimination and hire only female heroes. Not only will this do wonders for far-future feminism, but the game will also give you a special bonus when you collect and deploy ten women.

  1. Try a little patience

The temptation is to jump straight in and grind through some battles to get resources and experience. This really help but some time spent using your resources and Action Points to upgrade your planetary facilities will help boost your stats as well as levelling up the hero governing your planet.

Do not forget to conduct periodic Inspections of your planetary facilities. These inspections cost 10 Action Points but are a relatively cheap way to get some extra resources in the early game.

When you reach level 10 and unlock the ability to join the War, you should remain cautious. Tackle some easier foes to gain valuable Cosment resources (do not forget to build a Cosment processor on your home planet) but then hold back while you upgrade your fleets and beef up your heroes. Remember, planning is everything.


Pros and con


-The transitions, graphics and image are pretty decent.
-Online multiplayer is always a plus.
-There is a lot of content, including two story lines and a promised expansion later on. This includes over 100 unlockable items and the multiplayer.
-Free to play with in-app purchases so you can at least get into the game before deciding whether or not to spend money on it.


-The tutorial is way too long.
-The multiplayer has been reported to be unbalanced.
-It has some questionable permission. Make sure to read them before installing.

Astronest has been around for quite some years; the game seems to be going as strong as ever. That is how it is considered amazingly fun and approachable gameplay.

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