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Qureka: Play live quizzes and win money every day!

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An easy way to make money from home, if you're mostly for the fun in it.

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Quizzes are so much fun, especially when you have a chance to win money! There are multiple games where you can test your knowledge, challenge your friends or compete with strangers. But not many of them give you money for being clever. If you enjoy brain games and quizzes, you should try the Qureka app. You can test your knowledge, have fun, and earn money!   

What is Qureka  

Qureka is top live trivia game show in India. More than 10 million people enjoy playing quizzes and games on the Qureka app. It offers multiple games that combine performance, speed and a great chance to win money! If you have interests in various fields and love competing with others, you are going to love the app!  

It is available in Hindi and English and is free to download. Some quizzes on the Qureka app give money to the winners, while on some quizzes and games you can earn coins. At the same time, some quizzes and games are free to join, for others, you will need to spend some of your coins. Two quizzes reward you with money if you win. You can play the mega quiz every Wednesday and win up to RS 50 000 or play daily live quiz and get a chance to win Rs 60 000! The prize pool is the same every day, meaning that every new day is a new chance to win money! 

Winning money is not the only reason to play on the Qureka app. It is a very fun and productive way to spend your free time. Quizzes and games stimulate your brain and hold a lot of benefits for you. Let’s see what games are available on Qureka and how you can win money.   

Brain games you can play on the Qureka app   

Brain Games on the Qureka app let you spend time nicely and get cash prices. There are multiple games you can play to win money. The list includes some of your favourite types of brain games, such as Bubble Shooter, Candy Slash, Fruit Slash, Don’t Crash, Box Tower, and Earth Hero. They are so fun and action-filled that you simply cannot stop playing!   

Multiple contests are running during the day in all these games. You can join anytime you want, compete with others and win money. However, there are much more you can take out of these brain games. You can test your hand and eye coordination, reflexes, concentration, mental awareness, and more. Playing brain games will let you know how good you are in these things and will allow to improve them as you play

Play Qureka quiz and win money 

Two main quizzes reward you with the money on the Qureka app. The daily live quiz runs in every 30 minutes from 9 AM to 9 PM. Hence, you get 24 opportunities to win money. The rules are very simple. You must answer 10 questions to win but only have 10 seconds for each question. If your answer is wrong, you lose 30 coins or lose. That’s why it is important to have enough coins at any given time. 

The prize pool for the daily quiz is Rs 60 000. If you are the only winner for the day you get it all. Otherwise, you will have to share the amount with other winners. If nobody wins during the day, the money is added to the prize pool of the next day.   

The other way to win money on the Qureka app is to play the Mega Quiz. You can play it every Wednesday at 9:00 PM and win Rs 50 000.   

Questions on the app are always various and are from different fields You might get questions from the topics like general knowledge, technology, history, science, nature, geography, literature, business, sports, art, culture, politics, music, films, TV, food, celebrities and more. The selection of topics is very wide, so there is always something you know or are interested in. It makes quizzes on the Qureka app more fun and interesting and increases the chance for you to win!    

How to earn coins on the Qureka app  

As mentioned above having coins helps you win daily quizzes. When you do not know the answer on the question or answer incorrectly you lose coins instead of losing the game. You will also need coins to join some of the games. Therefore, you need to collect as many of them as possible. There are multiple ways to collect coins but one of the best ways is to play a daily mini-quiz. The mini-quizzes run several times a day. You get three questions you need to answer correctly. If you do it, you will get a coin. You can collect coins by playing as many daily mini-quizzes as you want. Later, you can use these coins to avoid elimination from the daily live quizzes or join and play more game contests.   

Use the referral program to get money   

The Qureka app has a mega referral program that let you collect more money. Invite as many friends as you want with your referral codes and get prizes and money rewards. For every friend who will register on the app and plays his or her first quiz you will get Rs 10. That’s not all if your friend wins the quiz and you were playing the same quiz at the same time you get 50% of the amount your friend wins! This rule applies to the mega quiz as well! Meaning that you can get a good amount of money for referring the Qureka app to your smart friends!  

Start playing and win money   

Playing on the Qureka app is fun and entertaining. But it has more benefits for you than just having a good time. Games available on the app stimulate your brain activities and help you develop better skills. Apart from it, you can prepare for various exams with the Qureka Quizzes. They will help you get ready for your UPSC, IAS, government exams, and many more! The Qureka app is filled with opportunities for winning money. You can always get coins, win cash and increase your money by referring friends!

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