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Cyberpunk 2077: Best Character Builds

Cyberpunk 2077 characters.

When you play Cyberpunk 2077, it is essential to have the best Character Builds for V. There are different components to focus on while creating Character Builds. Though there is no perfect build, you can always form a Character Build that suits your requirements. For that purpose, it is essential to have three fundamental elements. These are Attributes, Skills, and Perks. Here, we will look at the three components required to curate the best character builds on Cyberpunk 2077. You will need them as you kick-start your journey to Cyberpunk 2077.

To create the best Character Builds, you need to prioritize specific skill sets. Along with that, you would have to avoid a few of them. You can focus on two to three skill sets while building your character. You might think that it could limit your possibilities. However, in reality, you have many opportunities to experiment while creating your characters.

Now, let’s look at the three significant elements for the best Character Builds.

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Attributes for character builds on Cyberpunk 2077

Attributes act as the foundation of every character build. It is the aspect that helps you to define your character’s life path. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are five key Attributes. They include – Body, Reflex, Technical Ability, Intelligence, and Cool. Each of these Attributes plays a vital role while you build your character. You can employ them based on the Attribute Points you receive.

Once you start the game, you will receive some Attribute Points. You can use them on each of the Attributes you have. Here, you can spend a minimum of three points on each attribute, and the maximum you can use is six.

As you know, Cyberpunk 2077 has different levels. You gain an Attribute Point as you complete each of these levels. Since there are 50 levels on Cyberpunk 2077, you will receive 50 points in the game. Along with that, you have the points that you gained when you started the game.

Even though you will get 50 Points, you cannot spend them on a single Attribute alone. Per the Cyberpunk rules, you can only use 20 Points on each of these Attributes.

To attain the perfect Character Build, you must focus on two to three Attributes. For instance, if you are looking at an Assault Build, you must prioritize Body and Reflex. On the other hand, for the Hacker Build, you have to concentrate on Intelligence and Technical Abilities.

With the right set of Attributes, you can create Character Builds without difficulties.

Skills for character builds on Cyberpunk

Generally, Skills refer to the abilities you possess. However, in Cyberpunk 2077, it has a similar meaning in connection with your character.

Skills have a close relation to Attributes. As your game progresses, you can improve the skills you have. However, it depends on how efficiently you employ them during the game. For instance, you can enhance your Handgun Skill by shooting your enemies with a gun. As your skillset advances, you have two benefits. You can earn bonuses like increased damages, and at times, you can get perks.

The Skills your character has in Cyberpunk 2077 rely on the five Attributes you have. Let’s look at the unique Skills each of these Attributes possess.

  • With Body, there are three Skills. They are Athletic, Annihilation, and Street Brawler.
  • When it comes to Reflex, there are also three Skills. They include Assaults, Blades, and Handguns.
  • For Technical Ability, you can attain two Skills. They are Engineering and Crafting.
  • With Intelligence, there are two Skills. They include Breach Protocols and Quick Hacking.
  • For Cool, you have two Skills: Cold Blood and Stealth.

You can work on these five fundamental skills while building character in Cyberpunk 2077 or move forward to familiarize yourself with the various perks.

Perks for character builds on Cyberpunk

Perks refer to the details associated with your character build. For example, it helps you to define your character’s strengths. There are two kinds of Perks you can achieve on Cyberpunk 2077. They include passive abilities and those that can activate under certain conditions.

You receive Perk Points when your Skills increase and when you complete different levels. With these points, you can purchase Perks based on your preferences. So even though you might have gained Perk Points when a particular Skill increased, you don’t have to spend money on the same Perk.

You can use it to buy any Perk of your choice. For instance, if you have leveled up on Assault, you can use the Points on the same or other Perks. Apart from that, you will require specific skills to unlock each of these Perks. They vary from one to another. It is with the help of these elements that you can work on your character builds.

Based on the Character Builds you create, you must use Attributes, Perks, and Skills accordingly. With the right set of these elements, you can craft highly effective Character Builds on Cyberpunk 2077.

When you play Cyberpunk 2077, you can create a variety of Character Builds. However, they depend on three elements, as we have discussed. They include Attributes, Skills, and Perks. Based on these factors, you can form several Character Builds. Here, we will discuss the best ways to create Character Builds for V, Hack to the Future, and others. Then, you can use them to develop your new Character Builds in Cyberpunk 2077.

V for Variety

V is a significant character in Cyberpunk 2077. V acts as a base that helps you design new characters. V comes with a variety of Attributes, Skills, and Perks. So, it is highly beneficial as V will have many abilities.

However, V may not possess any special skills. Along with that, V cannot attain some high-level perks. Let’s look at some of the best Attributes, Skills, and Perks for V that you can consider.

  • With Body, the Skill is Athletic. It provides higher stamina and health. Along with that, it can help V survive different situations. Regeneration is the Perk associated with Athletic. Here, you can maintain your health with no difficulties.
  • With Reflex, the Skill is Assault. Through this, V can use different weapons easily. V can employ them for both ranged and closed quarter fights. Bullet Jock is the Perk associated with Assault. Here, V can increase the damage inflicted while using the Assault weapon.
  • With Intelligence, the Skill is Quick Hacking. It helps V in a plethora of ways. By using this Skill, V could even avoid fights. The perk associated with Quick Hacking is Biosynergy. V can use it to recover RAM while indulging in combat.
  • With Cool, the Skill is Stealth. It is also a Skill similar to Quick Hacking as it offers options. Crouching Tiger is the Perk associated with Stealth. With this, V can enhance its movement speed.

Hack to the Future

It is a Character Build that stresses hacking. Here, you can manipulate your enemies and their surroundings with ease. In addition, it helps you to enhance your gaming experience. Once you get the hang of this Character Build, you won’t even require weapons while fighting Cyberpunk 2077. Here are the fundamental Attributes, Skills, and Perks associated with Hack to the Future.

There is only a single Attribute in Hack to the Future. It is Intelligence, which has two Skills – Breach Protocol and Quick Hacking.

With efficient usage of Intelligence, you can hack anything while playing Cyberpunk 2077. Breach Protocol helps you to do many tasks with ease. However, it might take some time to understand its usage. Once you have increased your Breach Protocol Skill, you can purchase different Perks with the points you gained. Some Perks include:

  • With Mass Vulnerability, you can reduce your opponent’s ability to resist.
  • With Total Recall, you can lower the cost of different Quick Hacks by one RAM unit. To achieve this Perk, you will require 11 Intelligence Points.
  • With Cloud Cache, you can back up your RAM units once you finish the Breach Protocol mini-game. For this, you will need 14 Intelligence Points.

Quick Hacking is yet another Skill that can act as a magic spell. Here, you can use it to blind your enemies, damage their cameras, turn enemies against each other, and more. But, first, let’s look at some Perks associated with Quick Hacking.

  • With Blood Ware, you can cause more damage to your enemies.
  • With Biosynergy, you can restore your RAM units during fights.
  • With Forget-me-not, you can recover your RAM units anytime. Here, you will have to provide five Intelligence Points.
  • With Daisy Chain, you can decrease the cooldown time for all Quick Hacks. Along with that, you will need seven Intelligence Points.
  • With Signal Support, you can expand the time of Quick Hacks. For this, you will require nine Intelligence Points.
  • With Mnemonics, you can decrease Quick Hacks’ cost by two RAM Units. However, your target must already be under the influence of Quick Hacks. To achieve this, you will require 12 Intelligence Points.
  • With Plague, you can enhance the effect of a Quick Hack on your target. You will need 14 Intelligence Points for this purpose.
  • With Critical Error, you can cause a delay in any serious injuries caused. Here, you will need 16 Intelligence Points.
  • Optimization can reduce the cost of RAM units by using 20 Intelligence Points.

I’m F*ckin’ Invincible!

By using this Character Build, you can make V impossible to kill. When you achieve it, V can participate in fights on the frontline without injuries. Here are the Attributes, Skills, and Perks associated with it.

With Body, there are three essential Skills – Athletic, Annihilation, and Street Brawler. Athletic can boost V’s health and stamina. The Perks associated with Athletic include :

  • Invincible – It can improve V’s health with five Body Points
  • Dog of War – It can enhance health regeneration in fights, and you will require 16 Body Points to achieve it.
  • Wolverine – It improves the speed of V’s health regeneration. Here, you need 16 Body Points for it.
  • Steel Shell – Here, you can increase your Body’s Armour by 18 points.
  • Indestructible – Here, you can decrease your chances of being affected by any damage. You can gain it with 20 Body Points.
  • With Annihilation, you can achieve expertise in using different weapons. Some of them include shotguns and heaving machine guns. In addition, Street Brawler can boost your capabilities to use blunt Melee weapons.

Apart from Body, you will need Technical Abilities too. Engineering is the skill associated with it, and it has two Perks – Blash Shielding and Insulation. Let’s look at them!

  • With Blash Shielding, you can lower your injuries when an explosion occurs.
  • With Insulation, you can gain shock-based immunity. For this, you will require 14 Technical Ability Points.

Dirty Harry

With this Character Build, you can take great headshots. Here, you can handle any weapon, mainly guns, with ease. Here are the Attributes, Skills, and Perks associated with Dirty Harry.

With Reflexes, you have Handguns as your Skill. It helps you to work with pistols and revolvers. Numerous Perks come with this Skill. They include :

  • Gunslinger assists you in lowering your guns’ reloading time.
  • The High Moon can improve your chances of hitting your target.
  • With Rio Bravo, you can enhance your enemies’ damage caused by head injuries. You will require five Reflex Points for it.
  • Steady Hand can improve injuries when you shoot from a distance. Here, you will need seven Reflex Points.
  • O.K. Corral can increase damage and decrease the health of your enemy. Here, you need nine Reflex Points.
  • With the Snowball Effect, you can increase the firing rate for a short time. However, you will have to kill someone with a pistol. You will need 16 Reflex Points for this.
  • For Brainpower, you can cause critical injuries because of headshots. Here, you will need 20 Reflex Points.

With Cool, you can gain Cold Blood Skill. It can increase the number of kills. There are many perks associated with it. They include :

  • Icy Veins can decrease weapon recoils with five Cool Points.
  • With Coldest Blood, you can increase the stack amount by using 11 Cool Points.
  • With Frozen Precision, you can enhance the injuries caused during headshots. Here, you need 11 Cool Points.
  • With Coolagulant, you can remove Cool Blood stacks one at a time. For this Perk, you require 16 Cool Points.

Through these Character Builds, you can enhance your Cyberpunk 2077 experience.

As discussed earlier, there are several other Character Builds as well. From this point on, we will look into other innovative Character Builds that can enhance your gaming experience with Cyberpunk 2077. We will consider their different Attributes, Skills, and Perks too.

Hack and Slash

Hack and Slash is a Character Build that helps you inflict damage on your enemies. You can do so with the assistance of Quick Hacks. It is highly beneficial as you can use it to injure your enemies before you kill them. First, look at its Attributes, Skills, and Character Builds.

With Reflex, you can gain Blades as your Skill. Though you can opt for Body as your Attribute, you may not require it much. It is because you can overcome most situations by using hacks. With Blades, there are many Perks associated with them. Let’s have a look at them!

  • With Roaring Waters, you can increase the injuries inflicted on your enemies by using blades.
  • With Sting-like-a-bee, you can boost your attacking speed.
  • With Flight of the Sparrow, you can decrease the stamina you require while attacking with blades. Here, you will need six Reflex Points.
  • With Blessed Blade, you can increase your chances of hitting your enemy with the blade. For this, you will require ten Reflex Points.
  • With Judge-Jury-Executioner, you can enhance the damage you cause to your enemy without losing your health. For this, you will need 15 Reflex Points.
  • With Fiery Blast, you can cause more injuries to your opponent using blades. You can also decrease your enemy’s health with this Perk. However, you will need 15 Reflex Points to attain this Perk.

Apart from Reflexes, you will also require Intelligence as an Attribute for Quick Hacks. Here you can attain different Perks that can cause damage to your enemies, restore RAM Units, and others. It is the same as Quick Hacks for Hack to Future.

Cyberpsycho Killer

Cyberpsycho Killer comes with the ability to kill people without any remorse. Here, you can murder your enemies by using enormous weapons. 

Let’s look at the Attributes, Skills, and Perks associated with Cyberpsycho Killer.

  • With Body, the Skill you have to focus on is Street Brawler. You can inflict injuries on your opponent with fists and blunt weapons. There are several Perks associated with Street Brawler. Let’s look at them in detail!
  • With Crushing Blows, you can cause more injuries to your opponents while engaging in fights using fists and blunt weapons.
  • With Juggernauts, you can block your enemies easily with your armor as its potential has increased. Here, you will need four Body Points.
  • With Rush, you can regain your health using fists and blunt weapons. Here, you will require six Body Points.
  • With Efficient Blows, you can lower the stamina required while engaging in attacks with fists and blunt weapons. Here, you will need six Body Points.
  • With Opportune Strike, you can inflict more harm on your stunned enemies. Here, you will require eight Body Points.
  • With Breathing Space, you can restore your stamina quickly. You can also block blunt weapons with your fist. Here, you will need 12 Body Points.
  • With Thrash, you can reduce your enemy’s armor while engaging in fights with blunt weapons. Here, you will require 14 Body Points.
  • Unshakable can restore your health when you fight with blunt weapons. For this, you need to have stunned enemies. To attain this Perk, you will require 18 Body Points.
  • With Bidding Time, it is the same as Unshakable. But it does not have any restrictions to only stunned enemies. For this, you will need 20 Body Points.

Apart from Body, Cool is yet another Attribute possessed by Cyberpsycho Killer. Here, the Skill is Cold Blood, with which you can enhance your movement speed when you kill your enemy. There are numerous Perks associated with it. Let’s look at some of them!

  • You can enhance your resistance with Will to Survive. It is only possible when you have active Cold Blood, and you will need five Cool Points.
  • With Critical Condition, you can increase Cold Blood’s duration by using seven Cool Points.
  • With Rapid Bloodflow, your health restores quickly with active Cold Blood. You will need 11 Cool Points for this.
  • With Predator, you can enhance the attack speed. It is only accessible when you have active Cold Blood and 12 Cool Points.
  • With Coolagulant, you can remove Cold Blood stacks one after the other. For this purpose, you need 16 Cool Points.
  • With Pain-is-an-Illusion, you can decrease the intensity of all the damage you confront. However, you must have active Cold Blood and 18 Cool Points.

The Real Samurai

The Real Samurai is a Character Build that works with the help of blades. Here, you will have the skills to fight with Melee. But it is essential to master it, as most of your enemies would attack with guns and other weapons. However, once you grasp it, you can slay your enemies easily with a blade. So, let’s look at the Attributes, Skills, and Perks that can assist you with The Real Samurai!

  • With BodyAthletics is the skill that helps you improve your survivability. There are many Perks associated with Athletics. Let’s look at some of them!
  • With Invincible, you can boost your health by using five Body Points.
  • With Steel and Chrome, you can increase the damage caused to your enemies in Melee combats. Here, you will need nine Body Points.
  • With Cardio Cure, you can restore your health as you move. Here, you will require 12 Body Points.
  • With Marathoner, you can sprint without using stamina by providing 14 Body Points.
  • With Indestructible, you can decrease all the damage you might face. However, you will require 20 Body Points.

Reflex is another Attribute you can focus on with your Character Builds. Here, Blades is the Skill you will require. With this, you can enhance the damage caused to your enemy by using Blades. So, let’s look at some Perks!

  • With Crimson Dance, you can cause bleeding because of combo attacks. Here, you need four Reflex Points.
  • Offensive Defence can cause more injuries to your enemies when you engage in counterattacks. However, you have to use blades and must have six Reflex Points.
  • With Shifting Sands, you can trigger once in two seconds and regain your stamina via dodging. For this, you will need eight Reflex Points.
  • With Bloodlust, you can regain your health when your enemy bleeds by using 12 Reflex Points.
  • With Deathbolt, you can increase your health and movement speed by killing an enemy using a blade. Here, you will need 18 Reflex Points.

These are some of the best Character Builds in Cyberpunk 2077. Apart from that, you can also form several others based on your creativity.

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