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Golf Clash Beginner’s Guide

Golf Clash game poster.

Golf Clash is a new golfing game for iOS and Android with such cool gameplay. The game is designed for rapid fire 1-on-1 matches that test your timing and aiming skills. There are many ways in which you can play the shot. You play your desired shot by changing ghost lines and other features or you can use the quick-fire shot by simply dragging your golf stick. As you progress through your career, you will be able to unlock a variety of different clubs and balls that all put a unique “spin” on your play.

Tips and tricks for playing the game

  1. The faultless timing of your Shot

Timing is very essential in this game. You can simply take the ball off the ground easily by dragging but to pot a hole you have to keep an eye on your timing. All you have to do is to pull the ball back to the blue circle and make sure that everything is perfectly aligned. To achieve a perfect shot you have to wait for the needle to come on bull’s eye and after you make a shot when the needle is on bull’s eye, you will get a perfect result.

  1. Budge your objective

Once you have started playing the game, you will be placed in some random position by the game and it might not be the best position. All you have to do is to experiment with new positions in order to do your best. You can move your target anywhere as no one’s going to eat you up. If you are confident enough to make your shot, then only make your shot. If your selected target is too close to the sand, then simply split the short in two as to lower your risks and making mistake while playing with a random player can be dreadful.

  1. Find out how to put

Putting a ball can be a little tricky and will give a hard time. Once you are close to the hole, then the controls of your game will change totally and the bull’s eye will not be available anymore. You can see a path directed by some light and another needle that needs to be perfectly aligned to make a putt. Keep an eye on your power that you are using because you are too close to the hole and it is your only chance to putt. Don’t worry much about your shot as the game will tell you when your shot is overpowered. Experiment around your power and once you have used a perfect power then hole’s flag will go up and show a bluish tint if you make a perfect shot.

  1. Keep your Gear Upgraded

Proper upgrade on gears can change a lot in the game. As when you upgrade your gear you will be getting a better prediction and much more control over your power. Each of these clubs’ performance is based on their attributes. These features are Power, topspin, accuracy, backspin, ball guide and curl.


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