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March of Empires: Strategy Guide

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March of Empires is an Android and iOS game published and developed by Gameloft where you claim your title as Highland King, Desert Sultan, or Northern Czar. Any renowned RPG player, even vaguely familiar with the title, knows that the game is exceptionally deep and intricate, allowing you to follow several gameplay lines, invade new territories or enjoy the game engine by playing defensively. 

March of Empires: Strategy Guide

Whether you choose to play one nation or the other, you will have to select a strategy if you want to excel at your game. To do so, there are specific tips and tricks in March of Empires that you can employ in your gameplay.

  1.  Use the free speed-ups that come with the low-level buildings.

You should get everything in your kingdom to level 3 before timers get lengthier. Then, after you have upgraded your Castle to level 4, start building more homes, farms, and other resource-generating buildings and level them up too. You probably need a constant flow of resources to keep everything running smoothly.

  1. Become a whiz at everything.

You need solid attack power, good defenses, and built-up and maxed-out buildings, and you must be active. There is no other way to play the game, and focusing on a single element is not an option.

  1. Join an alliance as soon as possible.

Before taking part in raids and other more advanced alliance features, you have access to one advantageous option: the help button that you can use every time you start working on something new (but help your allies too).

  1. Complete quests and adventures.

There are a ton of things that you should do daily to maximize the resources that you have and the numbers you can produce. Start by focusing on the quests; they will be with you for a long time, and as soon as you start playing, you will complete them like crazy. Plan and do adventures, too, so that you complete the longer ones when you are away and make sure you return in time to collect the rewards.

Finally, find the non-occupied resource sites on the map and send your troops there. This is especially useful early on when you do not risk getting attacked. After that, ensure you have a strong army at home too.

  1. Avoid early-on purchases.

Focus on building up your empire first, and play for at least a few days before you start spending coins. You need to have a solid understanding of the game to make sure that you do not end up wasting resources

  1. Master research.

This takes a lot of time, so start focusing on military research to make it easier for you to get the most as soon as you can start attacking.

  1. Train troops constantly.

You will indeed have at least a few Empires around you that are no longer active, which you can farm on. Attack them over and over again to get as many resources as possible. Forget about glory, winning brutal battles, and destroying enemies: resources matter and farming is the way to go.

  1. Decide a long-term route for your Hero.

There are three categories in which you can improve the talents of your hero – Warfare, Income, and Progress – and each has a massive skill tree. Of course, this means you will not be able to unlock and max out all the skills, so check out all the skill trees and decide which will be your primary focus.

March of Empires will be enjoyed by people who love to read number charts more than they do participate in actual fights. However, it is undoubtedly a good strategy game with some solid depth to the types of decisions you can make.

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