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Tips & Tricks to ‘Throne: Kingdom at War’

Throne: Kingdom of War game poster.

Throne: Kingdom at War is just a free-to-play strategy game from Plarium. It will have you waging war on rival Orders, while you also work to establish a stronger Kingdom for your people. You are part city builder, warlord, establishing your place in the world that is full of people doing the same thing as you. The layout is menu heavy, but it has a kind of pleasant middle age kind of theme to it.

Starting out, you’re given a ton of different options that helps you find your feet. In fact, those options remain until the end of time/until you stop enjoying being pushed around. At first, you’re placing new buildings such as an academy or barrack. The more you play, the more the focus is on upgrading those buildings or training new troops.

You can progress in Throne without spending a dime, but it is a much slower process. Boosts are important to speeding things up, plus you can purchase a VIP membership which helps you big time. Soon enough, everything is about waiting for a timer to dawn. There are many quests to complete that will gain you more money and experience, but again, you have to wait for these rather than actively competing in them. While you haven’t directly interacted with them, there is always something new to participate in that gives you a sense of getting somewhere.


To ease your progression, here are some tips and cheat you can use in the game:


Make sure you take advantage of VIP status whenever you have it as it increases your level of production, and how much you can collect at each time. Early in the game, you can gain this status for free, but you will have to pay for it later on.

You should Always keep busy; there are many quests available, and each one is focused on helping you becoming stronger and progress faster.
3. Boost Stats
Make sure your hero is equipped with the proper items whenever possible as doing so will boost ALL your stats and make you more powerful.

4. Alliance
joining an alliance (order) worth it, doing so will gain you different bonuses, perks and also discourage solo players from targeting you.

5. Craftsmen
If you can hire extra craftsman in the early levels, you will be able to build two things simultaneously which will allow you to expand quickly.

6. Troops
It is important to make sure that your Troops are always farming resources because if they are not, they will consume food passively while resting.

7. Town Defense and Teleport Scrolls
It is very important that you stockpile these scrolls as you will need them when you start fighting those other alliances (orders).

8. Free Treasure
Makes sure you regularly check your game as you will get a free Treasure every 8 minutes.

9. Buildings
All the buildings in your kingdom have a purpose so you must make sure you are constantly upgrading them.


That is the key issue for the game Throne: Kingdom at War. If you have never been there before, it is something that worth satisfying. Even though you are checking in to hit a few menu options, there is a sense of progression which probably entices you into coming back for few minutes throughout the day. The odds of having you missed out on Game of War seems quite unlikely. Throne: Kingdom at War chases after such memories, but sometimes, you are better off sticking with old ways.


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