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Simple But Effective Zynga Poker Tips in 2022

Zynga Poker game screen.

Zynga is one of the oldest and most well-known names in the field of social games. Zynga has been known to the world as a great game maker since 2007, and from that day till now, they have created great games one after the other.

Zynga poker is a wildly popular Facebook-based game, boasting 35 million users worldwide. It is somewhat unique among free poker platforms as it offers players the ability to flaunt their money by tipping the dealer, buying avatars, and purchasing gifts like drinks and cigars for themselves and even other players.

Over time the game has received many significant updates, which have improved the game in all aspects. The game is light and efficiently runs on almost all smartphones that have even the minimum specs. 

Tips and Tricks to win at Zynga Poker Games

  • Log in Everyday

For one, just log into the game every day. You will get bonus chips if you log in. It’s not a lot, but it certainly adds up quickly.

  • Do not rush into every hand.

If you do not have to contribute to the blinds, then fold if you have a weak hand. Doing this will help you to conserve your chips. It is possible to fold and flop a good hand, but unfortunately, this may happen sometimes. (I folded a straight flush doing this). The important thing is, I won the sit and go.

  • Apply for a ghost account

It is possible to make a ghost account, too, and send free gifts back and forth, giving both of your accounts a ton of free chips. Also, make sure to add a lot of friends who play this game as well and send them free chips. They will send free chips back to you as well. Use Zynga Poker fan sites on Facebook to do this quickly. Add people from the member’s list. You could even get a few hundred new Poker friends and have massive free gifting back and forth! Also, you can use your ghost account to put a ghost player at your tables, too, which makes the game easier.

  • Lure your opponent into a false sense of security.

If you have a good hand, check; your opponent will probably raise just to get the pot and may not expect you to raise them back.

  • Don’t go all in on pocket pairs.

Many people may get pocket aces, but going all in may not be the best idea. Any of your opponents could have pocket kings and see another king or even two on the community cards. It is also essential to bear in mind the more players left at the table, the less chance you have of winning. It may sound a bit pessimistic, but playing sensibly will pay off.

  • Learn how to bluff correctly

Use fundamental poker strategies when you play. Find out how to bluff correctly. Don’t ever let anyone get comfortable with guessing what hand you have. Throw them off. Always be lying through your play. And learn how to read other people’s tells.

  • Practice

Start out at small buy-in games, preferably with five players, not 9. Eventually, you will become more confident in your ability and start to rake in cash.

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