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Tips & Tricks to ‘Township’

Township Family mobile game poster.

Township is a strategy and management that let you build a farm, a city, and all the infrastructure that surrounds them. You will start off with a small plot where you can plant some crops and build a few houses, but as you buy new lots and the size of your city grows, you will be able to add many more buildings to your township.

Gameplay is very simple, as almost every action is carried out by dragging objects from one place to another. For example, you just need to touch the screen to plant seeds and pass a finger over the screen to harvest your crops.

Tips and Tricks in The Game

  1. Relax and Build a Free Town

Township is an open-world game which means that you do not have any missions or quests to complete. You only need to use your creativity to choose buildings & establishments and build your city. However, you need to build a vibrant, thriving city to win the game’s premium currency, experience points, and coins.

  1. Complete More Orders to Earn More Coins

In Township, completing orders is the most reliable way to earn coins. Click on the Helicopter buttons to access orders and complete them or signal people to submit orders to you. Some orders are not worth, and so you need to examine orders to choose the ones offering great deals.

Orders that are not chosen can bring a lot of confusion in the game play, so you need to do away with them. Hint: Click on the trash bin to get rid of useless orders.

  1. Concentrate More On Farming

The reason why you need to focus more on farming is that your city grows and thrives mainly on crops. So to build a bustling and active city, you need to plant a lot of organic crops. The game allows you to unlock crops and plant the ones that you think will benefit your city the most.

It is recommended to grow more wheat as this crop is in high demand and can bring more profits. So always select a bigger plot for wheat and buy a good number of inputs for the crop. As you plant and harvest crops, keep an eye on the orders in queue to ensure you supply the produce accordingly.

  1. Get The Right Construction Materials

Construction materials in Township come in random, and you should look out for them to pick the ones that match your construction work. The materials come with trains, and the game enables you to send trains to go with materials that match your city. Getting the right materials can be difficult but you can still send trains until you get the best materials.

  1. Expand Your City Early In the Game

Developing your city in the initial levels of the game is much cheaper than doing it in the middle or last stages. You will find that there is a lot of space, good supply of materials & decorations and good access to other components in the initial stages of the game to help you build your city faster.

  1. Make Achievements and Win Valuables

When you construct a good portion of the game and move from one level to another, you gain great valuables and a lot of bonuses.

The coins can get you Decorations, Factories and Community Buildings. The XPS can enable you to level up and help you lock more Factories, Decorations, Crops and Community Buildings. The T-cash can do almost everything, but it is not easy to earn it.

  1. Interact with Friends On Social Networks

The game enables you to interact with other players on Facebook. Communicating with friends can help you develop your city faster as you can use friends’ help. You can also exchange trains and planes with your friends for things that you are running shot of at certain moments.

Pros and Cons


  • Nice blend of urban and farming planning
  • Educational for kids
  • Well-animated and cute graphics


  • Too slow without in-app purchases
  • Not that original

Township is a simple and fun management game that has good graphics and it is simple but addictive gameplay that works so well on touch screens.

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