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Achieve more on Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Looking to turn the tables and be the better player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Mobile Legends Bang Bang is set to become the pinnacle of MOBA style games.

MOBA- Multiplayer online battle arena, are the type of games in which the character of a team is controlled by a player, competing against another team. Playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang can sometimes get frustrating due to poor strategies. But, with the following tips and tricks, you’re going to mark your territory showing them who’s the boss.

Tips and Tricks

MOBA style games are hard to play, that is why there are a few tips that will help you in your battles.

1. Learn a Character

moba heros

If you’re finding it hard to settle with a character, try to learn the basics about them. Games like Mobile Legends Bang Bang require coming up with the best strategy depending upon the character in the play. The only way you can strategize is by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your player. For instance, Let’s talk about the character named ‘Layla’. When she reaches the max level, she is able to fire at towers from long ranges. She doesn’t necessarily need to be in the tower’s range. Similarly, ‘Fanny’, another character from the game has extreme mobility. You can use this ability to move around the maps more quickly. This way learning about characters can help you choose the right one for you.

2. Complete the daily tasks

More rewards mean more improvements.

To climb the ladder of progress, make sure you complete daily tasks to earn rewards, which you can then utilize to build up your game. Rewards will help you buy heroes and hero skins. Let’s show you how to better use these awards:

  • Earn ten points to earn a medal chest per day
  • Free chests can be collected every 4 hours and they are stackable. Meaning, if you miss a free chest, you can always collect it with the second chest
  • Daily tasks get reset after every 24 hours, try to complete as many as possible within this time span

3. Know When to Support and Retreat

The minimap is very helpful in battles.

moba minimap

Even if you don’t see enemies approaching in the minimap, know that they are still coming for you. So, the best thing for you to do would be to retreat to a safe spot. Make sure you stay away from the bushes as it could be used for a surprise attack. Offer your support only if it won’t lead to your death. Getting killed while trying to help your team-mate would do neither of you any good.

4. Build Minion Wave

If you want to create a minion wave that will stack up at the hour of need, then you’ve got to understand this carefully. When you see an enormous minion wave coming from the opponent’s side, use your hero to wipe out their existence. This will clear the path for your wave of minions and the process of building your own minion wave will start.

After you’ve successfully built your own minion wave, you can go on supporting other lanes while your minion wave does the rest for you.

5. Ultimate Goal

Rather than destroying your enemy players, focus on the bigger picture i.e. Enemy nexus. While you’re in a battle, keep in your mind that your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy towers. Most of the players, especially the new ones, tend to go for a high score by killing the enemy players and forget about enemy nexus. Always remember one thing, that an aggressive tower dive can backfire in such a way that when you tower dive and die, a counter tower siege will take place.

6. Group-Up


Don’t mistake the game for being a one-man show. Rather team up with ally groups. Communicate to gather everyone for a team fight, this will increase your chances of being a force, opponent players are afraid of. For squishy marksman, don’t try to prove yourself by going on without the front-line tanking. Inflicting damage in a three versus one situation is very rare. So, be wise and don’t be offensive. Mobile Legends is all about patience and strategic alignment with the needs of your team. So, learn to lose.

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