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Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect is an adventure RPG mobile game by Ateam Inc. was originally launched in Japan in June 2016 and reached the Japanese charts with ease. After his success, he also made his debut in the United States, Canada, and Australia, after a few months for an English version is a mobile RPG adventure game by Ateam Inc.

The impressive feature of “Valkyrie Connect” is that every character in the game has a unique backstory. The main story itself might seem boring to some users; The player comes with a Valkyrie named Skuld, in an attempt to avoid an incident. There are some high points in the main story, but it’s a stereotypical idea of being “chosen.” They are the “hero mission,” that make this game shines.

 Here are Tips and tricks in the game

1: Action Skills.
These are skills unique to each character. By attacking or receiving hits from enemies and with the passage of time, each hero’s action skill gauge will gradually fill up. Tap a filled gauge to activate a hero’s action skill.

2: Gear Skills.
These are skills attached to gear. When equipment or accessories are equipped, these skills have a chance to activate in battle. A higher skill probably can give a higher chance for the skill to activate and make the effect more powerful.

3: Limit Bursts.
The Limit Burst gauge will charge during a battle with the passage of time and when you use your heroes’ action skills. Tap the gauge when it fills then tap one of your heroes to activate the skill. There are total ten different Limit skill Burst skills. They attack all enemies and have special effects. If you have multiple heroes in your party with the same Limit Burst, the effect will be more powerful.

4: Battle Terminology
– Reflect: Damage enemy with a given percentage of damage received to self.
– Absorb: Heal HP equal to a given percentage of damage received.
– Leech: Heal HP equal to a given percentage of damage dealt.


“Valkyrie Connect” is friendly for those who want to play without spending money. F2P Community (free-to-play) will be pleased to find that people who choose to go in this game do not get great benefits. Gems, premium rates are given generously. It is not hard to get the strongest hero because there are many chances of getting through the use of these gems

“Valkyrie Connect” suffers from repetition in the main missions. On the other hand, participate in the sand and work together with others regarding the fight will do to avoid boredom. Mission Hero separate game from its competitors, and it is difficult to find such a deep context and dialogue about each character in mobile games.



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