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Best Dislyte Team Compositions [September 2022]

Guide to the best Dislyte team composition.

We all know that in Dislyte, you may only utilize five heroes per battle, so you’ll want to put up a formidable team. The difficulty is that there are so many heroes in Dislyte, and not all of them combine well. Therefore, forming a one-for-all type of great team is challenging, if not impossible. If only there was a way to get a slight advantage.


But there is.


First and foremost, if you feel like learning your trade the hard way and you merely want a piece of advice on your path of trial and error, you can always use the evergreen team-building formula below:

  • Story – 2-3 DPS, 2-3 Healers/Supporters
  • Spatial tower – 2 DPS that have AOE skills, 3 Healers/Supporters
  • Kronos – 2 DPS, 3 Healers/Supporters, any Esper with control abilities
  • Apep – 2-3 DPS, 2-3 Healers/Supporters, Espers with dispelling skills and immunity buffs
  • Fafnir – 1-2 DPS, 3-4 Healers/Supporters, Espers with defense buffing and debuff cleansing
  • Cube Miracle – 2-3 DPS, 2-3 Healers/Supporters, Espers with a high amount of SPD

However, if you came here to unleash hidden powers that will turn you to your opponents
into a nightmare far worse than Liam Neeson to human traffickers, look no more.


What you should begin with is that you must carefully consider what Espers you have
and would want to level, what skills they bring about, and if you’re into
battling other players or Kronos, Apep, and Spatial Tower. These variables will
affect what the perfect squad looks like for you. Next, you would want to
examine that comprehensible breakdown of Dislyte heroes proven to make killer
team compilations in the different game modes.

Enter the Dislyte Tier List.

Esper 1Esper 2Esper 3Esper 4Esper 5Game mode
LaurenSallyLi LingLin XiaoYe SuhuaSpatial Tower
GabrielleAsenathLi LingLin XiaoYe SuhuaSpatial Tower
SanderLu YiBereniceTang YunHeng YueFafnir
GabrielleLu YiTang YunZelmerSallyFafnir
SanderFabriceLi LingLin XiaoYe SuhuaFafnir
SanderYe SuhuaLin XiaoChloeUnky ChaiFafnir
SanderLin XiaoMelanieEiraFreddyFafnir
GabrielleNarmerLin XiaoYe SuhuaChloeApep
SallyChloeLin XiaoDrewYe SuhuaApep
JacobMonaChloeChang PuYe SuhuaApep
SanderMelanieLin XiaoFreddyEiraKronos
SanderChloeUnky ChaiYe SuhuaLin XiaoKronos
SanderNarmerUnky ChaiLin XiaoYe SuhuaKronos
MonaLin XiaoChloeDonarYe SuhuaKronos
MelanieRavenSanderYe SuhuaGabriellePoint War
MelanieGabrielleFabriceSanderYe SuhuaPoint War
DonarAsenathGabrielleYe SuhuaSallyPoint War
DonarSallyYe SuhuaAsenathRen SiPoint War

These team compositions are some of the best you can go for in any Dislyte mode right now. Feel free to download them as a cheat sheet for every fight you intend to win.

Still, we intend to regularly update this tier list with heroes you should definitely try out, so stay tuned for more!

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