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Clubhouse App Review: The New Invite-Only Social App

Clubhouse mobile app preview.

Have you ever dreamt of dropping into the live recording of a podcast? If so, you might not have to wait for long. The Clubhouse is an application that can provide you with a similar experience. With over 3500 celebrities interacting in the app, you can also be part of the events and programs hosted by them. However, the Clubhouse app is currently available in private beta mode. Once its testing gets completed, everyone can access them. Here, in this Clubhouse app review, we will look into the features and how this new invite-only social app differs from others.

What is Clubhouse?

 The Clubhouse is an exclusive invite-only social media application launched in 2020. It differs from other social media platforms, as you can connect with others using audio-only. Several celebrities, including Oprah, Drake, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, Tiffany Haddish, and Kevin Hart, are on the Clubhouse app. Currently, the application is only available on the iPhone. As per the blog post published in January 2021, the developers stated that the Clubhouse’s Android version would launch soon. The current value of the Clubhouse app is $1 billion. There are 600,000 registered users on the app as well. The Clubhouse can enhance your social media experience as you can connect with several celebrities and become a part of their conversations online.

What are the features of the Clubhouse app?

The Clubhouse app has many features that differentiate it from other social media platforms. For instance, Instagram focuses on images, and Twitter has brief messages. Akin to them, the Clubhouse app highlights audio chats. There are several rooms where diverse conversations take place in the Clubhouse.

However, you must receive an invitation if you need to use the application. Each member of the app can initially invite one person. Eventually, they can request three others to join the Clubhouse app. So each person can only bring four others to the app. The invite-only feature is another factor that distinguishes Clubhouse from other apps. The developers have stated that they are improving the accessibility and localization features of the Clubhouse app. Here are some elements that make the Clubhouse app unique.

Members cannot share audio files with others.

As per the Clubhouse app’s terms and conditions, you cannot record any audio shared on the app. Their security feature ensures that the recordings on the app are unavailable on other applications.

Members can join different discussions.

The audience can participate in discussions based on the rooms they join. There are three types of rooms. They include open, closed, and social.

  1. You can enter an open room and listen to the interactions once you are a member of the app.
  2. When it is a closed room, it is available to a selected group of members.
  3. Social rooms are accessible to your followers only.

Though you can listen to the conversations, you have to receive acceptance to the stage. Then, you can click on the “raise your hands” option. If the host accepts you, you can indulge in the conversations.

Moderators have complete control over the conversations

Moderators can accept people to the stage and provide them with the opportunity to speak. Apart from that, they can remove anyone who does not maintain the room’s decorum. They have to reset the chat rooms every 30 minutes as each discussion can last up to two hours.

Members can expand the conversation beyond the application

Many discussions take place on the app. You can build them beyond the platform by creating Twitter hashtags and conducting talks based on follow-up topics. However, you cannot share any of the original recordings from the Clubhouse.

Members can listen to unique resources on the app

There are different conversations taking place in the Clubhouse rooms. From auditions to celebrity interactions, you can listen to various audio while using the app.

The Clubhouse is an app that can assist you in showcasing your talent. It can also enhance your thought processes. This new invite-only social app is creating several discussions out there. So are you ready to be a part of the conversation?

How can you follow people and topics on this invite-only application?

Once a Clubhouse member, you can initially follow people based on your phone’s address book. Apart from that, the app provides suggestions based on your preferences. You can also follow different topics and engage in discussions based on them.

When you scroll down on the app, you can find various topics below ‘recommended people for you to follow. You can click on ‘find conversations about’ to choose your preferred topics and subtopics. There are also several safe space rooms where discussions on subjects like spirituality and others happen. You can follow them based on your interests.

You can also find many other subjects from the recommended hashtags and the explore option. You can also receive initiations to follow different topics and people on the Clubhouse app. You can find it in the notification tab.

How can you start and join a room on the Clubhouse app?

If you are a member, you can create a room where you can host discussions. As mentioned above, you can have your rooms closed, open, or social, based on your preferences. For your room, you can invite your friends by clicking on the ‘+’ option in the lower part of the room. You can also share the link with your followers to request them to join the conversation.

When you join an open room, you can listen to the discussions with no invitations. You can either gain a request or ‘raise your hand’ to enter the stage.

When you are part of the stage, you have the freedom to speak. However, keep your microphone muted while you are on the stage and share your views only when the moderators allow you. If you would like to speak, you can dab on the ‘request to speak’ option. By doing this, you can be part of the different conversations taking place in the Clubhouse app.

The Clubhouse app is thus setting a new trend in the landscape of social media. This new invite-only social app can enhance your social media experience and take it to the next level.

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