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Tips & Tricks to ‘Cut the Rope 2’

This adventure game,” cut the rope 2” was created by Zeptolab. It has physics build-in themes for the levels to be completed. The game comes with 120 playable levels;  It is a strategic and interesting based game. Up till now all the series of cut the rope have been standing in the top 5 games in all the play stores. Gamers always feel delighted to complete all the levels. Youngsters would love the game for sure.



  • It’s free without displaying ads
  • It a physic based game,
  • Beautiful HD graphics, environments and character,
  • Excellent animations and
  • Exciting levels,
  • Thrilling stages added.


  • Few levels are hard to pass on.
  • By default Om Nom eats candy, which might encourage some kids to grab a lollipop. It could have been fruit instead so that it would be kid-safe.

Tips and tricks

  • Make the best out of each level; you could restart the level more than once.
  • Try to Finnish the level in time for a better score.
  • There is no one single way to beat a level in Cut the Rope. That’s what makes it so fun! The way I may choose to clear a level could be different to the way another person would clear it.
  • Try as much as possible to unlock the additional levels in each stage. Each stage consists of 20 levels you can also unlock an additional 5 by doing one of two things: find the missing shamrocks or find all the medals in that level pack. You could also buy additional levels in each pack for $0.99 each.
  • Do not use your hint unnecessarily, use them only when needed.
  • Don’t forget that you could also use the helper items.

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