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Dragon Ball Legends: Fighting Tips for Beginners

Dragon Ball Legends tips & tricks.

Dragon Ball Legends game follows a familiar format for Dragon Ball fans, with a few fundamental alterations to make it mobile-friendly. In this game, you will have the chance to play your favorite characters.

In addition, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama also designed new characters, and you will have the chance to try them out in the three game modes: Story Mode, Event Mode, and Multiplayer.

Dragon Ball Legends: Beginners Guide

  1.  Take Note of Each Element Advantage Before Heading to Battle

Once you decide to enter into a mission, take a look at the opposition and your current team setup. You should take the time to keep your team together or switch them out for various ones according to your enemy’s Elements. It is best to move into battle with as several character element advantages as possible. In action, look out for your character icons. Throw a blue arrow at them.

  1.  The Right Ways to Vanquish Evil

Dragon Ball Legends takes place in the air. Make sure you leave each enemy encounter with a win. In other words, you need to adopt some solid battle strategies. When the battle begins, move around your enemy for a bit. Once you spot an opening, move in close and start landing some melee attacks. When you see your character’s icon starts glowing, tap on it to make use of their unique ability. These skills tend to increase your character’s stats and make them even more of a formidable threat.

  1.  Try and Complete All the Challenges Presented During Story Chapters

Every time you head into the team setup portion of a Story mission, take a glance at its challenges. There are usually seven challenges you will want to complete in order to get the maximum amount of listed rewards. When you complete a challenge, you get three Chrono Crystals.

  1.  Get Familiar with All the Paths Toward Character Progression

 After calling out new characters, you’ll need to spend plenty of time and effort improving your favorites. You can attain EXP easily by just completing Story missions. Limit Breaks will help to increase a character’s overall power and star level. You will need Z Power to pull Limit Breaks off, which can be obtained from Summons and by completing Story missions. You’ll be able to attach certain items when you head into the Equipment tab of the main menu. These items then activate passive buffs. By the way, all items can be upgraded by spending Zeni and Souls on them. Make sure you sell your duplicate items to acquire get more Zeni.

  1.  Have the Knowledge of Characters Types and Rarity Levels
Goku, Frieza, Piccolo, Nappa, Vegeta, and Pan.

Each character is associated with a specific class type which is Defense, Support, Melee, Ranged, and Rarity level, which are Hero, Extreme, and Sparking. So, you have to take a character’s Element, class type, and rarity level into account before going to battle.

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