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Easiest Way to Get ChatGPT on WhatsApp for FREE

How to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp

How to use ChatGPT on your WhatsApp? There are many ways to integrate the Open AI chatbot in the messaging app! However, they are usually very time-consuming and most importantly, they require certain technical skills. There are paid subscriptions too, that set it up for you.

The GOOD NEWS is that, as of 2024, there is a super quick and easy method of using ChatGPT on WhatsApp absolutely free of charge! Just go on or scan the QR code below:

You’d be surprised how straightforward it really is! All you need to do is:

  1. Open the Kiitos WhatsApp link here or through the QR code above (no login required)
  2. Type in your phone number in order to connect your WhatsApp account
  3. OPTIONAL – Switch from ChatGPT to Gemini

You now have your very own Gen AI Assistant directly on your phone!

ChatGPT on WhatsApp

Once you complete the 2 SIMPLE STEPS NEEDED, a new chat window will pop-up in your WhatsApp with a welcome message from Kiitos. In the same chat, you can prompt ChatGPT-4 to do anything you’d normally use it for. In case you haven’t experienced its magic powers yet, now is definitely the time to do so! It’s never been that easy to get ChatGPT on your mobile without registering, installing anything or even logging in.

And there are so many chores it can help you with on the go, like:

  • “5 last-minute gift ideas for [describe person] “
  • “Best conversation starters at [event/ circumstance]”
  • “Compose a grocery list for a picnic/ hike/ day out etc.”
  • “Generate 5 jokes for [particular subject/ occasion]”
  • “Translate [“phrase”] into [foreign language]”

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Like to try Google’s AI chatbot Gemini (formerly Bard) instead of ChatGPT in your WhatsApp? You can switch between the two on the Kiitos website or straight on here.

ChatGPT on WhatsApp – SUMMARY

If you want to leverage the power of ChatGPT on the go, there’s no better way to do so, than to get it straight on your WhatsApp! only needs your number to send you a message, from where you can instantly start chatting with ChatGPT. And it won’t cost you a thing 🙂

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