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Tips & Tricks to ‘Forge of Empires’

Forge of Empires game cover.

Forge of Empires is a free to play 2D browser-based online strategy game from InnoGame, the creator of classic Tribal War game. Forge of Empire gives players the chance to make their unique state city into an imperial powerhouse. Everyone has dreams of building their empire at some point or another, and Forge of Empires can bring that dream to life.

Players will watch as how civilizations in Forge of Empires begin in the Stone Age and advance all the way into the Industrial Age. The campaign mode is single player and brings players a unique in-depth experience that enables them to use military action, skilled diplomacy, and cunning strategy to achieve their goals. Forge of Empires is available on a web-based browser, iOS, and Android.

Tips and tricks for the game

  1. Watch and learn from better players.

If you want to be successful, you have to learn from those who have already succeeded. It is not shaming to learn from the better ones. It is worth to watch because it can be an inspiration on how to play. It is not worth insisting on a bad strategy if only it were “my strategy.” Better to be a fox – clever and cunning.

You have to observe better players and copy good ideas about them. It is worth to watch a group of good players and seeking inspiration for your own game. You can also combine the ideas of different players and create your good idea.

Finally, you should be careful who you are watching. Even among the players who have a lot of points are hopeless cases, with completely useless cities and great buildings. So it is very important watch critical, duplicate the good schemes and avoid mistakes.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to ask

Don’t lift the pride and honor; don’t be sure that you know everything. If you have a problem, then talk to other players for example on chat. Talk with the best players on the server, with colleagues from the. Even unknown players from the chat can serve your opinion e.g. if it is worth to bring concrete Bs or how to cross the province. If someone else asks, do not be afraid to answer. Help others, and someone will surely help you.

  1. Plan and calculate

Forge of Empires is a strategy game. And as usual in any strategy, you need a really good plan. There is nothing worse than playing disorganized, rashly decisions and chaotic game. There is also nothing worse than blind imitation of the better if something is currently not profitable for us. Many things in Forge of Empires require simply counting e.g. which house is for us the most profitable, or whether the benefits of putting the GBs will be higher than the cost of its construction. Think long-term, plan your town in a few periods forward, save resources for later, invest in things that will bring you long-term benefits. Count a lot at every opportunity. Cold calculation is always better than rashly, sometimes irreversible decision.

  1. Join a guild; this is profitable

Even if you don’t play too often, join a guild. There are many players who pretend to be “singles.” Not everyone is a “herd animal” but face it. Membership in the guild is of course obligations, smaller or bigger but always there is something to do. But it is also a good chance to get to know new players. Knowing new players is a chance for a good and cheap trade; colleagues help with different problems (the conquest of the province, removal of trade offers or scaffolding) or the motivation for buildings. It is also access to the GBs of other players, in which you can invest. It is also more fun out of the game. Guilds fighting in GvG which have reached an appropriate level provides a daily free points from the town hall, lower building cost and faster training troops.

  1. Find friends and get to know your neighbors; they will help you in developing

If the guild fails, you can always count on friends and neighbors. Friends are your opportunity to build a grid of regular contributors. Another GBs, motivations, and trade offer to which you have access. Feel free to use the help they can give you in the form of motivation as when your happiness is down, and you quickly need a click of the building. Just invite a volunteer from chat and problem solved.

Neighbors are usually on the same level of development as you (similar age), so you can barter with them. It is a big advantage when you quickly need some goods. We can also motivate them and seek for blueprints. Of course, there are bad neighbors who rob us. But most usually is less or more useful.

Friends and neighbors are also a chance to find a cool guild, which to which you may be invited due to your connections. It is an opportunity to talk, meet new people, exchange ideas on the strategy of the game. Friends are very useful for permanent cooperation with the trade. You can create useful links, for example mutually provide each good to which we have production bonus.

Pros and Cons


  • In-depth single-player campaign.
  • Bronze Age to industrial age progression.
  • Tons of upgrades/depth.


  • Limited PvP components.
  • Slow-paced progression.

Players in Forge of Empires choose where everything goes, setting up their civilization according to their desires and whims. Any buildings they want and where they want them are ultimately up to them.

The greatest feature of Forge of Empires is its wide availability. Players can access Forge of Empires from their Browsers, Apple iOS, Android App, and even on Facebook. It is fitting that the game that can create an empire reaches across a multitude of platforms.

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