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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Tips

Highly addictive, really good plot, but way too much crashing.

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Numerous Harry Potter games have plagued the app store over the years, but the majority of them have proven to be garbage. Hogwarts Mystery, however, is probably the best Harry Potter themed game released on the mobile platform. The gameplay is unique as you enter the shoes of a new student and begin your journey as a promising new wizard/witch. Here are a few pointers to help you along the way.

Get More Energy Without Spending Gems

Although Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a F2P game, it has an energy mechanic indicated by a lightning symbol at the top right corner. Every action consumes energy, and you’ll need a lot of it to progress the story.

When you’re out of energy, you can either wait for it to fill up or do something to refill the bar. The easiest way is to level up, which replenishes the entire bar. However, it becomes harder to do so as you’ll need a lot more EXP to level up a high level character.

Moreover, tapping on certain objects/individuals drops energy. Here is a list of all the locations containing such objects.

West TowersFlower painting in between the Prefect’s bathroom and the Gryffindor common room.
East Towers– Blank portrait left of Charms classroom.   – Peeves at the entrance ladder of the Divination Classroom.
Lower Floor – West– Unlit torch right of the Great Hall.   – The middle knight statue towards the right of the Great Hall.
Castle GroundsA stick close to Hagrid’s hut.
DungeonsHouse Elf located to the left of Potions Classroom.
Lower Floor – East (2nd Year)Stack of books scattered between History of Magic Classroom and Library.
Hogsmeade (3rd year)Go to Three Broomsticks and take the first alley towards the right. Tap the person at the end of the alley.
Magical Creature ReserveBorf in between the Forest and the Grasslands.
Forbidden Forest (4th year)Left of the Spider’s Lair there on animated triangular spider web.
Diagon Alley (5th year)In the alley that leads to Gringotts tap on the bag of coins.

How to Master your Dueling and Demonstration Skills

Practice your demonstration skills. They are fairly easy minigames and only require a bit of practice to master fully. However, when it comes to dueling, it’s all luck-based. The game is a re-hashed version of rock, paper, scissors, which is, Aggressive, Sneaky and Defensive.

Aggressive beats Sneaky, Sneaky beats Defensive, and Defensive beats Aggressive. If you’re losing a bunch, start looking for patterns to increase your odds.

How to win the House Cup by earning House Points

In addition to the main story quests and lessons, you can improve your demonstration skills to earn bonus points. Moreover, avoid attending class lessons that you can’t finish. Lessons come in one, three, or 8-hour increments, where each increment has better rewards. Answering questions incorrectly, failing to complete lessons and demonstrations results in a loss of points. So attempt them once you’re confident enough to pass.

Pick Attributes or Gems as a reward

You’ll get to choose rewards after completing missions or when you receive bonuses. They are either coins, energy, or gems. Always pick gems, as they are the premium in-game currency. Most people pick energy since they believe that’s the easiest way to advance the main story, but gems are always a better option.

If the rewards pool does not contain gems, opt for attribute boosts, as they permanently buff your character. Energy and coins are fairly common, and you’ll accumulate them eventually. But the same doesn’t hold true for gems.

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